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Evidences for a Recent Creation: Part 2 David Plaisted PhD
Evidences for a Recent Creation: Part 1 David Plaisted PhD
Evolution and Evidence Joe Spears MS
Starlight and Time: Scripture and Science Support a Young Earth Cosmology Dan Reynolds PhD
Guinea Pigs & Humans - We Have A Lot More In Common Than Evolutionists Would Think Jeff Gift PhD
The Genographic Project: What is it? What does it Mean? Mark Stephens MCS
The Universe: Accident or Design Joe Spears MS
Creation Resources and Evidences Dan Reynolds PhD
Everlasting Life: Mission Impossible or the Great Commission? Jeff Gift PhD
Sharing With You Our Focus For 2005 Mark Stephens MCS
Jesus and Genesis Fred L. Johnson PhD
What History and the Bible Tell Us About Our Early Ancestors Joe Spears MS
Where do viruses come from? Jeff Gift PhD
Report from the Intelligent Design Conference Dan Reynolds PhD
Could the Ice Age have been caused by the Genesis Flood? (Part 2) Mark Stephens MCS
Could the Ice Age have been caused by the Genesis Flood (Part 1) Mark Stephens MCS
Can We Prove the Bible? Joe Spears MS
Hummingbirds Get "Older" and a Little Wider Jeff Gift PhD
Refuting Compromise Dan Reynolds PhD
Racism: Human "Races" or "One Blood"? Mark Stephens MCS
The Shroud of Turin Joe Spears MS
Rare Earth Joe Spears MS
The Remarkable Story of Roger DeHart: A New Documentary about the "Icons of Evolution" Charles Colson
Revolutions Dan Reynolds PhD
An Ounce of God-Ordained Prevention is Worth a Ton of Worldly Cure Jeff Gift PhD
Evidence Concerning Creation and Evolution Joe Spears MS
The Biblical Creation Account Dan Reynolds PhD
Hurricane Isabel – Offspring of a Loving God? Jeff Gift PhD
Did dinosaurs evolve from birds? Joe Spears MS
Creation and Information Dan Reynolds PhD