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Race and Racism: Understanding and Coping Mark Stephens MCS November, 2015
Creation Ministries Creation 2015 International Superconference Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2015
Accelerated Nuclear Decay Difficulties Solved? Joe Spears MS September, 2015
Carbon-14 in Dinosaur Bones Challenges Evolution Theory and Supports Genesis Flood Account Jeff Gift PhD August, 2015
The Image of God Henry W. Middleton PhD July, 2015
Parícutin A Mountain in a Year Jonathan O’Brien May, 2015
On the Origin of Humans Dan Reynolds PhD April, 2015
Global flood astronomical date range Terry Hurlbut February, 2015
TASC to Present Comprehensive Creation Series at North Carolina State University This Winter and Spring Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2015
Bias Joe Spears MS December, 2014
Faith and Science: Friends or Foes Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2014
A Review: Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, new DVD Series Mark Stephens MCS September, 2014
The Theological Impact of the Doctrine of Creation Henry W. Middleton PhD August, 2014
Archaeopteryx (unlike Archaeoraptor) is NOT a hoax—it is a true bird, not a “missing link” Jonathan Sarfati, PhD June, 2014
The Data of Cosmology Say the Universe Had a Beginning and Is Finely Tuned for Life Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2014
Comets - Their Silent Testimony Joe Spears MS March, 2014
What Was Archaeopteryx? Walter Brown PhD January, 2014
The Christ of Creation Gerald Van Dyke PhD December, 2013
Radiocarbon Dating of Dinosaur Fossils Joe Spears MS November, 2013
Review of Stephen Meyer's New Book Darwin's Doubt Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2013
Was Dawkins Right about God? Brian L. Cunningham September, 2013
In the Beginning - Shang Di? Jeff Gift PhD August, 2013
Fossils and Genetics: a Deadly Duo for Transitional Species and for Darwin's Theory Everett Coates BS June, 2013
The Origin of Information in Biology Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2013
God vs Design in "The Grand Design" Henry W. Middleton PhD April, 2013
What Scientists REALLY Say about God, Creation and Evolution Joe Spears MS February, 2013
Miraculous Failed Invasion of Sennacherib Joe Spears MS January, 2013
The Bible and the "Problem" of Time Paul J. Waddel December, 2012
Sharing Our Creation / Creation Science Message Mark Stephens MCS September, 2012
Creation: A Matter of Perspective Jeff Gift PhD August, 2012