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A Fortunate Universe creation, physics book

A Fortunate Universe by G. Lewis and L. Barnes (Cambridge University Press, 2016). An astronomer and astrophysicist explain how and why physics is fine tuned for life as we know it. 

Acts & Facts periodical

Free from ICR

Age of the Earth (AIG) young earth article
Age of the earth (CMI) young earth article

Age of the earth - 101 evidences for a young age of the earth and the universe

Answers in Genesis (AIG) organization
Answers Research Journal periodical

open access technical journal

Apologetics Press organization
Bible Science Institute organization
Bible Sprout Bible website

Bible study resources

Biblical Creationism young earth book

Biblical Creationism by Henry Morris (Baker Books, 1993). Morris surveys every book of the bible for creation related passages and shows how they neatly fit the young-earth interpretation of Genesis 1-11.