About Us


Triangle Association for the Science of Creation

P.O. Box 12051, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2051

E-mail: tasc [at] tasc-creationscience.org

Mission Statement

TASC's mission is to rebuild and strengthen the foundation of the Christian faith by increasing awareness of the scientific evidence supporting the literal Biblical account of creation and refuting evolution.

Strategy Statement

TASC endeavors to show Christians and others in the Triangle area that the facts of science are consistent with the Biblical account of origins and inconsistent with the evolutionary worldview. We do this by offering speakers, books, videos, movies, and slides for churches, civic groups, campus organizations, and schools; hosting creationist seminars and debates; sponsoring creationist films on local-access cable TV; holding periodic meetings; and engaging in other activities to promote faith in the Biblical account of origins. TASC is also chartered to do original and library research on projects that have bearing on one or more aspects of origins, and to publish other media in order to communicate the good news of faith in our Creator God.

Board of Directors

Mel Blinson, BS, Industrial Arts Education

Rick Chiulli, MD, FACS 1 - Surgery

Jeffrey Gift, PhD, Chemistry -- Treasurer

David Greear, MDiv, DMin, BS, Electrical Engineering

Fred Johnson, PhD, Pathology -- Newsletter Editor

Phil Johnson, MCE, Christian Education -- Vice Chairman

Elizabeth McVeigh, MD, General Practice

Dan Reynolds, PhD, Organic Chemistry -- Chairman

Joe Spears, MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering - Secretary

Mark Stephens, MCS, Biology, Chemistry, Geology

Gerald Van Dyke, PhD, Botany 

Matt Welborn, PhD, Electrical Engineering

Former Board Members (a partial list)

David Plaisted, PhD, Computer Science

Emeritus Members of the Board of Directors

Isaac Manly, MD, Surgery

  • 1Fellow of the American College of Surgeons