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Is There Evidence for the Flood in the Soil? Everett Coates BS August, 2007
Global Warming - Seeking a Godly Perspective Jeff Gift PhD July, 2007
A Response to Selected Arguments in Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion Dan Reynolds PhD June, 2007
Recent Discoveries in Genetics David Plaisted PhD May, 2007
Archaeology Supports Exodus Narrative Joe Spears MS April, 2007
Man or Ape: Which are You? Which do You Choose? Mark Stephens MCS March, 2007
A Biblical and Scientific Analysis of the Big Bang Matt Promise BS February, 2007
TASC in 2006 Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2007
Puzzles of the Genome David Plaisted PhD December, 2006
Does the Molecular Evidence Prove Common Ancestry is a "Fact?" Dan Reynolds PhD November, 2006
Evolution - Impossible to Embarass its Believers Henry Morris PhD September, 2006
The Mysterious Origins of Ancient Civilizations Joe Spears MS August, 2006
He Made the Stars Also Phil Johnson MCE July, 2006
How Old Is Humanity? David Plaisted PhD June, 2006
Intelligent Design Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2006
The Origin of Birds - Recent Evidence Complicates Evolutionary Theories Jeff Gift PhD April, 2006
Galapagos Islands: Did Darwin Really See Evolution in Action There? Mark Stephens MCS March, 2006
Extra-terrestrials and Unidentified Flying Objects: What Relation to Origins? Phil Johnson MCE February, 2006
Polonium Radiohalos: Competing Interpretations of the Data Among Creationists Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2006
Evidences for a Recent Creation: Part 3 David Plaisted PhD December, 2005
Evidences for a Recent Creation: Part 2 David Plaisted PhD November, 2005
Evidences for a Recent Creation: Part 1 David Plaisted PhD October, 2005
Evolution and Evidence Joe Spears MS September, 2005
Starlight and Time: Scripture and Science Support a Young Earth Cosmology Dan Reynolds PhD August, 2005
Guinea Pigs & Humans - We Have A Lot More In Common Than Evolutionists Would Think Jeff Gift PhD July, 2005
The Genographic Project: What is it? What does it Mean? Mark Stephens MCS June, 2005
The Universe: Accident or Design Joe Spears MS May, 2005
Creation Resources and Evidences Dan Reynolds PhD April, 2005
Everlasting Life: Mission Impossible or the Great Commission? Jeff Gift PhD March, 2005
Sharing With You Our Focus For 2005 Mark Stephens MCS February, 2005