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Limitations of Science David Plaisted PhD
The Hydroplate Theory and The Great Flood Walter Brown PhD
Catastrophic Geologic Evidences in Ecuador, Part 3: Tungurahua's Basaltic Columns Javier Valdivieso MS
What is Apologetics? Henry W. Middleton PhD
Some Foundations of Creation Beliefs Mark Stephens MCS
Radical Differences Between Human and Chimp Y Chromosomes Open a Bounty of Research Rabbit Holes for Scientists to Plunder Jeff Gift PhD
A Review of "The End of Christianity" by William A. Dembski Dan Reynolds PhD
Abortion: Creation View of the Value of Life Matt Promise BS
Creation and Resurrection Henry Morris PhD
The Foundation of Logic in the Nature of God Henry W. Middleton PhD
Does "Neutral Ground" Really Exist? Phil Johnson MCE
Review of the Book Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer Dan Reynolds PhD
Missing Fossils and Fake Fossils David Plaisted PhD
Amazing Coincidences for Life Joe Spears MS
The Ancient Jewish Wedding: A Missing Link in Christianity Javier Valdivieso MS
Who is This Creator? Phil Johnson MCE
In Memory of Isaac Manley Gerald Van Dyke PhD
Catastrophic Geologic Evidences in Ecuador: Part 2: Puyango Petrified Forest Javier Valdivieso MS
Dinosaur Bones - a Whole Lot of Twistin' Goin' On Jeff Gift PhD
Has Science Found How Life Began and Species Evolved? An Examination of the "RNA World" Hypothesis and Rapidly Changing Lizards Dan Reynolds PhD
Josephus and other Ancient Scholars on the Biblical Flood David Plaisted PhD
A Response to Richard Dawkins' Argument Regarding the Basis of Morality in "The God Delusion" Henry W. Middleton PhD
Who Were the Neanderthals? Dan Reynolds PhD
God’s Wisdom in the Genome David Plaisted PhD
OOPARTS - Out of Place Artifacts Joe Spears MS
Catastrophic Geologic Evidences in Ecuador - Part 1: Fossil Formations Javier Valdivieso MS
How Does Prophesy Support Creation? Phil Johnson MCE
Bits and Pieces from the Earth Sciences Everett Coates BS
Scientists Test Hydrothermal Fluid Transport Model for Polonium Radiohalo Formation Jeff Gift PhD
Freedom of Speech and Religion? Not in Academia Dan Reynolds PhD