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The Biblical Creation Account Dan Reynolds PhD November, 2003
Hurricane Isabel – Offspring of a Loving God? Jeff Gift PhD October, 2003
Did dinosaurs evolve from birds? Joe Spears MS September, 2003
Methuselah - Over 4600 Years Old and Still Having Babies Jeff Gift PhD August, 2003
The Flood Joe Spears MS June, 2003
Rapid Geological Processes (Part 1) Dan Reynolds PhD April, 2003
Baby Picture Jeff Gift PhD March, 2003
Speciation: Any Examples Documented? Joe Spears MS February, 2003
Cavemen—Missing Link? Joe Spears MS February, 2003
"Junk" DNA as Evidence for Evolution? Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2003
Evidence for Creation from Astronomy and Physics Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2002
Consciousness: Marvel of the Mind Joe Spears MS April, 2002
RATE Group Finds Strong Evidence for A Young Earth and Accelerated Nuclear Decay! Dan Reynolds PhD September, 2001
The Myth of Science vs. Creation Joe Spears MS August, 2001