Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II—Introduction, Availability, and Overview

We are excited to announce that the Triangle Association for the Science of Creation's (TASC's) Restoring the Truth about Origins: Book II is now available! We pray and hope you will purchase copies for yourself, your children, and friends as gifts to enjoy and be better edified on this important topic of origins. What we think about our origins has had a profound influence on the thinking and actions in our society in the past and today and will in the future, especially on our children. So we encourage you to get copies today (see ordering information under Availability and Purchase heading below and note particularly our current Christmas Special 25% Discount for purchases of Books I and II)!

Restoring the Truth About Origins: Books I and II provide a lasting testimony with praise and glory to God our Creator and Christ our Creator and Savior, Genesis chapters 1–11 and Colossians 1:14–17. Now, the publishing and availability of Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II represents an additional contribution to TASC. TASC will receive a portion of the sales to provide more sufficient funding of our services, particularly more creation/creation science (C/CS) conferences that are needed. With this expected additional funding, we have already stepped out on faith and scheduled a C/CS conference for 2020. Importantly, this Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II strongly supports our TASC mission, which is to rebuild and strengthen the foundation of the Christian faith by increasing awareness of the scientific evidence supporting the literal Biblical account of creation and refuting evolution. Are we the result of blind chemical and physical processes, or of the creative act of a loving, all-powerful God?

This 561-page, second volume consists of a unique compilation of 103 lectures and articles from 2009 to 2019 supporting the Genesis account of creation in contrast to naturalistic evolution. The lectures were presented at TASC, headquartered in Research Triangle Park near Raleigh, North Carolina. We believe that objective scientific evidences which are presented in Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II support the Genesis account of creation, providing trust in it and the rest of the Bible, including the New Testament, which brings us Christ our Savior!

Availability and Purchase

TASC book 2 front cover
Figure 1 - Front Cover

Restoring About Origins: the Truth Book II has been published through and may be purchased easily (along with Book I, published in March 2019) by one of the following three ways:

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  3. By phone to publisher: 844-212-0689

Also, please consider making purchases of this new, Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II for Bible studies at church and in your homes for yourself, your children, friends, and acquaintances. This will provide critical, much needed edification to help confirm Biblical creation over naturalistic evolution and naturalistic evolution’s outcrops of humanism and secularism in general. Reading and studying these interesting, informative articles, outlined in Overview and Contents below, can help your family and acquaintances to have stronger faith in God and a more confident declaration of faith. This can help to uphold His commandments in today’s changing society (2 Tim. 2:15 and 2 Tim. 3:15–17). Alarmingly, faith in God in our current Generation Z children is declining significantly at twice that of U.S. adults in general and about twice that of millennials before them,1 as pointed out in my article in this Book II and referenced below. So, your family, children, friends, and acquaintances can benefit greatly by reading and studying this book along with the Bible rather than possibly being deceived by atheistic, naturalistic evolution and other secular philosophies prevalent today causing loss of faith in God and not upholding His commandments, Col. 2:8.

I wish I had had a book like Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II to help me in my youth several decades ago. As a Christian and science major, I was experiencing the scenarios above. You and your children do have opportunity for such a book in this Book II (See my September 2018 article, “Our Youth and Faith in God. Atheism Rising: What Can We Do About It?” in this Book II on page 529). Remember too that extra copies of this book, purchased for gifts, can be used as an evangelistic effort by you as birthday, Christmas, and general gifts to family, friends, and associates. You and they will have a ready “show and tell” copy of this book along with the Bible to help people gain or restore their faith in God our Creator and Christ our Creator and Savior, Col. 1:12–20. “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have....” (1 Peter 3:15).

TASC book 2 back cover
Figure 2 - Back Cover

The articles in this Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II have been written mostly by TASC board members and some other TASC members, many of whom are scientists, professors, businessmen, and teachers with degrees in pathology, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, botany, computer science, organic chemistry, geology, theology, and electrical and mechanical engineering. These authors have contributed scholarly articles. Most have advanced degrees in the disciplines listed above. See the “Overview and Contents” section below with categories and authors included. The authors address their areas of expertise in their articles in the currently available Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II.

In Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II you get a unique, complete set of 103 articles in the 561-page book by the above scholars published from 2009 to 2019. They are organized into 15 topical categories for quick reference as you need to discuss with family, friends, and associates. You get all this in Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II at a good value at retail price of only $29.99 and with discounts offered from time to time (see our Special Christmas Introductory Offer above). It’s sort of like getting the complete collection of the “golden records” you like to purchase at a great value! Also, look for various specials from periodically for good values, eg., monthly Lulu discounts and periodically Black Friday and Cyber sales.

Overview and Contents of Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II

It is our prayer and hope that the creation/creation science(C/CS) articles in this book will encourage the reader to believe and trust in the Genesis account of creation and God as our Creator, in contrast to belief in atheistic, naturalistic evolution. The main purpose of providing this book is to “restore the truth about origins” by examining our foundations of belief chronicled in Genesis chapters 1 to 11 and by examining the scientific evidences that support them. In so doing, this will help provide trust in the Bible, beginning in Genesis and continuing through all of the Old Testament and New Testament in which we receive Christ, who is also our Creator and Savior (Col. 1:12–20).

To give you a feel for the book, I provide an overview and contents of Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II by outlining the different C/CS categories in the book, indicating the total number of articles in each category and listing selected articles within each category:

Cosmology and Astronomy (11 articles)

  1. Comets: Their Silent Testimony by Joe Spears, MS
  2. The Data of Cosmology Say the Universe Had a Beginning and Is Finely Tuned for Life by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  3. The Big Stretch: 4 Parts by Joe Spears, MS
  4. Gravity Waves; Dark Matter and MOND by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  5. A Review and Response to the Book The Grand Design by Stephen Hawking, by Dan Reynolds, PhD

Geology and the Flood (9 articles)

  1. Catastrophic Geologic Evidences in Ecuador: Fossil Formations, Puyango Petrified Forest, Tungurahua’s Basaltic Columns by Javier Valdivieso, MA
  2. Josephus and Other Ancient Scholars on the Biblical Flood by David Plaisted, PhD
  3. How Did This Happen? by Phillip Johnson, MCE
  4. Geological Unconformities: What Are They and How Much Time Do They Represent? by Everett Coates, BS
  5. Accelerated Nuclear Decay Difficulties Solved by Joe Spears, MS
  6. The Ice Age, Climate Change, and Creation by Dan Reynolds, PhD

Dating Issues (6 articles)

  1. Can Radiometric Dating be Inaccurate? by Jeff Gift, PhD
  2. Can the Age of the Earth be Calculated? by Phillip Johnson, MCE
  3. Radioactive Decay Rates May Change by David Plaisted, PhD
  4. Creation: A Matter of Perspective by Jeff Gift, PhD
  5. Radioactive Dating of Dinosaur Fossils by Jeff Gift, PhD

Paleontology (7 articles)

  1. Bits and Pieces from the Earth Sciences by Everett Coates, BS
  2. Missing Fossils and Fake Fossils by David Plaisted, PhD
  3. Mammoth Mystery by Joe Spears, MS
  4. Carbon-14 in Dinosaur Bones Challenges Evolution Theory and Supports Genesis Flood Account by Jeff Gift, PhD
  5. Fossils by Joe Spears, MS
  6. Carbon-14 Dating of Fossils by David Plaisted, PhD

Anthropology (5 articles)

  1. OOPARTS: Out of Place Artifacts by Joe Spears, MS
  2. Who Were the Neanderthals? by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  3. The Chimp-to-Human Evolution Model—One Year Later by Jeff Gift, PhD
  4. On the Origin of Humans by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  5. Race and Racism: Understanding and Coping by Mark Stephens, MCS

History (2 articles)

  1. In the Beginning—Shang Di? by Jeff Gift, PhD

Mechanisms of Evolution (7 articles)

  1. Fossils and Genetics: A Deadly Duo for Transitional Species and for Darwin’s Theory by Everett Coates, BS
  2. Evolution’s False Start: The Spontaneous Generation of Life by David Greear II, BSEE, DMin
  3. Review of Jonathan Wells’s New Book Zombie Science: 2 Parts by Dan Reynolds, PhD Genetics (2 articles)

Genetics (2 articles)

  1. “Radical” Differences Between Human and Chimp Y Chromosomes Open a Bounty of Research Rabbit Holes for Scientists to Plunder by Jeff Gift, PhD
  2. Genetics Research by Joe Spears, MS

Design in Nature (8 articles)

  1. Amazing Coincidences for Life by Joe Spears
  2. Designed Interactions Between Fungi, Plants, and Animals by Gerald Van Dyke, PhD
  3. The Origin of Information in Biology by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  4. The Amazing Ear: Evidence for Design by Elizabeth McVeigh, MS, MD
  5. DNA as Computer Memory by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  6. Origin of Life by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  7. The Ear: Evolved or Designed? - Part 1 by Elizabeth McVeigh, MS, MD

General Information for Creation (5 articles)

  1. Some Foundations of Creation Beliefs by Mark Stephens, MCS
  2. A Review: Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, New DVD Series by Mark Stephens, MCS
  3. Scientific Evidence That Points to a Creator by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  4. Language: A Sign of Divine Design by Billy Hasselton
  5. Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I—Introduction, Availability and Overview by Mark Stephens, MCS

Effects of Belief in Evolution (3 articles)

  1. Abortion: Creation View of the Value of Life by Matt Promise, BS
  2. Creation Account of Genesis: Does It Matter What Our Children Think About It? by Mark Stephens, MCS
  3. The Theological Impact of the Doctrine of Creation by Henry Middleton, PhD

Attitudes in the Scientific Community (1 article)

  1. What Scientists Really Say About God, Creation, and Evolution by Joe Spears, MS

Philosophy of Science (15 articles)

  1. A Response to Richard Dawkin’s Argument Regarding the Basis of Morality in The God Design by Henry Middleton, PhD
  2. Does “Neutral Ground” Really Exist? by Phillip Johnson, MCE
  3. The Foundation of Logic in the Nature of God by Henry Middleton, PhD
  4. Limitations of Science by David Plaisted, PhD
  5. “Sola Scriptura”: Our Standard for Theology by Henry Middleton, PhD
  6. The Grand Design and Free Will by Henry Middleton, PhD
  7. Evolution: A Proven Fact? by Joe Spears
  8. Faith and Science: Friends or Foes by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  9. Bias by Joe Spears, MS
  10. Materialism and Abiogenesis by Joe Spears, MS
  11. The Role of Presuppositions and Worldviews in the Creation-Evolution Debate by David Greear II, BSEE, DMin
  12. Creation Hermeneutics: The Role of Science by Dan Reynolds, PhD

Theology(13 articles)

  1. Who Is This Creator? by Phillip Johnson, MCE
  2. Was There Death Before Sin? by Phillip Johnson, MCE
  3. MCE Was Dawkins Right About God? by Brian Cunningham, MA
  4. The Christ of Creation by Gerald Van Dyke, PhD
  5. The Image of God by Henry Middleton, PhD
  6. With Respect to the Origins Debate, Dr. Schweitzer is right. We All Need to Put God First by Jeff Gift, PhD
  7. God of Creation—God of Miracles by Everett Coates, BS
  8. Creation, The Law, Faith, and Grace from the Book of Romans by Phillip Johnson, MCE
  9. Creation and the Problem of Evil by David Greear II, BSEE, DMin

Testimony (6 articles)

  1. What Is Apologetics? by Henry Middleton, PhD
  2. Sharing Our Creation/Creation Science Message by Mark Stephens, MCS
  3. My Christian Journey at North Carolina State University as a Young Earth Creationist by Gerald Van Dyke, PhD
  4. Our Youth and Faith in God. Atheism Rising: What Can We Do About It? by Mark Stephens, MCS
  5. Review of Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  6. A Few Modern Creationists by Dan Reynolds, PhD

Once you have read and studied pertinent articles above from your copy of Restoring The Truth About Origins: Book II, it should help you to be a more effective witness to address confidently the relevant situations in our society to keep our communities and our nation under the influence of our Creator God with His righteous standards to guide and keep us a truly righteous nation under God and help the world to be righteous as well. I became an active participant in TASC over 20 years ago to help me clear my confusion and confidently take the opportunities to take actions to help our youth and adults gain and remain strong in their faith in God by being able to refute evolution and other ungodly, secular philosophies that increase under atheism. I encourage you to do the same.

Summary and Closing

We at TASC hope your awareness and appreciation for Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II is high now! To get the full flavor of this exciting, informative book, we encourage you to return to the “Availability and Purchase” information at the beginning of this article and purchase copies of Book II (also Book I) through, by whom we are able to publish and deliver to you. We also pray and hope that your sharing of the copies that you have purchased perhaps for Christmas and other gifts of our two TASC books will bless you, your family, and associates. Please let your church and other acquaintances know our TASC books availability and how to easily purchase through with direct link, from our TASC website with direct link, or by phone, 844-212-0689, as outlined on page 1 of this article. Please make copies of the order information and pass them to friends to help us get the books into the hands of the public.

Also, to add friends and acquaintances to our free TASC newsletter and to help build our TASC organization and knowledge of our activities, if your friends and acquaintances are interested as you communicate with them, with their permission, you may send their names and email addresses to TASC_Notifications [at] to sign them up for a free, monthly copy of our TASC newsletter. They will receive information through our newsletter about Restoring the Truth About Origins: Books I and II, plus information on our monthly meetings, monthly articles, and special events such as another origins conference in 2020 made possible by additional funding through the sales of our two new TASC books and your support by purchasing them. Overall, publishing and availability of our two books will help to build our outreach to you, our nation, and the world. May Restoring the Truth About Origins: Books I and II serve as a lasting testimony to God our Creator and Christ our Creator and Savior. May all our efforts to make the books available and your efforts to get them to others bring glory and praise to our God!

  • 1Randal M (2018) Study finds Gen Z least religious in America, AFA J, 42(3):9