Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I—Introduction, Availability and Overview

Figure 1 - Front cover of the book

We are excited to announce that TASC‘s Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I is now available! We pray and hope you will purchase copies for yourself, family, and associates as gifts to enjoy and be even better edified on this important topic of origins. What we think about our origins has had a profound influence on the thinking and actions in our society in the past and will today and in the future. So we encourage you to get copies today (see ordering information under Availability and Purchasing heading below)!

The publishing and availability of Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I represents a significant contribution to the Triangle Association for the Science of Creation (TASC). TASC will receive a portion of the sales to provide more sufficient funding of our services, particularly more creation/creation science (C/CS) conferences that are needed. Importantly, this Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I strongly supports our TASC mission, which is to rebuild and strengthen the foundation of the Christian faith by increasing awareness of the scientific evidence supporting the literal Biblical account of creation and refuting evolution. Are we the result of blind chemical and physical processes, or of the creative act of a loving, all-powerful God? This first volume, revised and updated, consists of a unique compilation of lectures and articles supporting the Genesis account of creation in contrast to naturalistic evolution. The lectures were presented at TASC, headquartered in Research Triangle Park near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Availability and Purchase

Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I has been published through and may be purchased easily by one of the following three ways:

  1. Access the website and search for the book title, Restoring The Truth About Origins: Book I.
  2. You may also access the book directly at:
  3. You may also order by telephone: 844-212-0689. (See limited time introductory special discount offer below.) Significant to TASC is that a portion of the sales of the book will help us provide our services, particularly more Origins Truth Conferences which provide significant outreach and impact to our mission as discussed below. More general information about the book and how it can be purchased can be accessed on our TASC website at

Seven good reasons for purchasing copies of Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I are following:

  1. Introductory Special Discount Offer (March–April) List Price $29.99; Introductory Discount Price: $25.49 for 15% off. You save $4.50! (See Availability and Purchase information above to order.)

    Please consider making purchases of this book for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren. This will provide critical, much needed edification to help confirm Biblical creation over naturalistic evolution. Reading and studying the articles can help you and your family to have stronger faith in God and a more confident declaration of faith in today’s changing society (2 Tim. 2:15 and 2 Tim. 3:15–17). Alarmingly, faith in God in our current Generation Z children is declining significantly at twice the rate of U.S. adults in general and about twice that of the millennials before them. 1 So, your children can benefit greatly by reading this book. Might I suggest that you assign it as if it were a librarybook to be read as part of their English literature assignment along with their Bible and the referenced Bible verses provided in this article to help your children to gain faith in God if it is apparent they have none, or are being deceived by atheistic, naturalistic evolution and other secular philosophies prevalent today and are losing faith, Col. 2:8, as pointed out in my article in the reference below. Very important also to you and your children is that if you acquire copies of this book for them, it will help them to hold, and strengthen their faith if you see it is still apparent in them. I wish I had had a book like Restoring The Truth About Origins: Book I to help me in my youth several decades ago. As a Christian and science major, I was experiencing the faith deteriorating scenarios above. You and your children do have an opportunity for such a book. (See my September, 2018, article, ”Our Youth and Faith in God. Atheism Rising: What Can We Do About It?” at

  2. Extra copies of the book, purchased for gifts, can be used as an evangelistic effort by you as birthday, Christmas, and general gifts to family, friends, and associates.
  3. Since TASC will receive a portion of the sales of the book, your purchases will help the needed, additional financial support for us to provide our services, particularly more, impactful Origins Truth Conferences such as the most recent conference that TASC conducted this past November 10, 2018 in Raleigh, North Carolina, on the North Carolina State University (NCSU) campus. A significant part of the conference was the participation by Students Investigating First Things (SIFT), an NCSU student group. The total attendance was 144, 45 of whom were students, also a significant answer to the question “What can we do about faith in youth?” as cited in my above article. The attendees represented 35 churches. The reviews of the conference were very positive and encouraging. DVDs of the informative conference lectures are available and can be obtained by emailing our TASC Chairman Dan Reynolds at dwr51055 [at]
  4. Some other TASC services which can be expanded by additional funding provided by your purchases of Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I include holding monthly meetings open to all, publishing a free monthly newsletter with a creation/creation science (C/CS) article and C/CS news, and making presentations to churches, schools, campuses, small groups, and on local television. These services are provided by TASC board members, many of whom are scientists, professors, and teachers with degrees in pathology, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, botany, computer science, organic chemistry, geology, theology, physics, and electrical and mechanical engineering. These members include present or past board members who have contributed scholarly articles (most have advanced degrees in the disciplines listed above;see the overview and contents section below with categories and authors included addressing their areas of expertise in their articles) to the currently available Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I.
  5. You get a unique, complete set of 65 articles in the 442-page book by the above scholars published over 10 years. They are organized into 11 topical categories for quick reference as you need to discuss with family, friends, and associates. You get all this in Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I at a good value at retail price of only $29.99 and with discounts offered from time to time (see our Special Introductory Offer above). It’s sort of like getting the complete collection of the “golden records” you like to purchase at a great value! Also, look for various specials from periodically for good values.
  6. You will have a ready “show and tell” copy of the book along with the Bible to help people gain or restore their faith in God our Creator. “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have... .” (1 Peter 3:15).
  7. Most importantly, Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I provides a lasting testimony to God our Creator!

Figure 2 - Back cover of the book

Overview of Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I

It is our prayer and hope that the C/CS articles in this Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I, mostly authored by members of our TASC board of directors, will encourage the reader to believe and trust in the Genesis account of creation and God as our Creator, in contrast to belief in atheistic, naturalistic evolution. The main purpose of providing this book is to “restore the truth about origins” by examining our foundations of belief chronicled in Genesis chapters 1 to 11 and by examining the scientific evidences that support them. In so doing, this will help provide trust in the Bible, beginning in Genesis and continuing through all of the Old Testament and New Testament in which we receive Christ, who is also our Creator and Savior (Col. 1:12–20).

To give you a feel for the book, I provide a brief overview of Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I by outlining the different creation/creation science categories in the book, indicating the total number of articles in each category and listing selected articles within each category:

  • Cosmology and the Big Bang (8 articles)
    • Evidence for Creation from Astronomy and Physics by Dan Reynolds, PhD
    • Baby Picture by Jeff Gift, PhD
    • The Universe: Accident or Design by Joe Spears, MS
    • A Biblical and Scientific Analysis of Big Bang by Matt Promise, MS
    • Starlight and Time: Scripture and Science Support a Young Earth Chronology by Dan Reynolds, PhD
    • Messages in the Stars by Phil Johnson, MCE
    • Issues in Cosmology by David Plaisted, PhD
  • Geology and the Flood (8 articles)
    • The Flood by Joe Spears, MS
    • Could the Ice Age Have Been Caused by the Genesis Flood? by Mark Stephens, MCS
    • Is There Evidence for the Flood in the Soil? by Everett Coates, BS
    • Noah’s Ark by Mark Stephens, MCS
    • Evidences and Events of the Flood by David Plaisted, PhD
  • Dating Issues (12 articles)
    • RATE Group Finds Strong Evidence for a Young Earth and Accelerated Nuclear Decay by Dan Reynolds, PhD
    • Radiometric Dating by Dan Reynolds, PhD
    • Rapid Geological Processes by Dan Reynolds, PhD
    • Methuselah—Over 4000 Years Old and Still Having Babies by Jeff Gift, PhD
    • How Old Is Humanity? by David Plaisted, PhD
    • Evidences for a Recent Creation by David Plaisted, PhD
    • Did Dinosaurs Evolve From Birds? by Joe Spears, MS
    • Dinosaurs: What Is The Real Story? by Mark Stephens, MCS
  • Anthropology (4 articles)
    • Man or Ape: Which Are You? Which Do You Choose? by Mark Stephens, MCS
    • Cavemen—Missing Link? by Joe Spears, MS
    • Racism: Human “Races” or “One Blood?” by Mark Stephens, MCS
  • History and Archeology (4 articles)
    • The Mysterious Origins of Ancient Civilizations by Joe Spears, MS
    • Archeology Supports Exodus Narrative by Joe Spears, MS
    • History of the Great War by Phil Johnson, MCE
    • Noah and Family: Myth, Legends, Ancient History and the Bible by Joe Spears, MS
  • General Biology (4 articles)
    • Speciation: Any Examples Documented? by Joe Spears, MS
    • Similarities Between Humans and Guinea Pigs by Jeff Gift, PhD
    • Where Do Viruses Come From? by Jeff Gift, PhD
  • Genetics (6 articles)
    • “Junk” DNA as Evidence for Evolution? by Dan Reynolds, PhD
    • The Genographic Project: What Is It? What Does It Mean? by Mark Stephens, MCS
    • Recent Discoveries in Genetics by David Plaisted, PhD
    • God’s Wisdom in the Genome by David Plaisted, PhD
  • Intelligent Design (4 articles)
    • Intelligent Design: A Proper Scientific Assumption? by Jeff Gift, PhD
    • Report from the Intelligent Design Conference by Dan Reynolds, PhD
    • A Review of The End of Christianity by William A. Dembsky by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  • Evidence, Creation, and Evolution (4 articles)
    • The Myth of Science Versus Creation by Joe Spears , MS
    • Evidence Concerning Creation and Evolution by Joe Spears, MS
    • Accurate Predictions Based on the Young Earth Creation Model by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  • General (9 articles)
    • Evolution: Fact or Bad Philosophy by Dan Reynolds, PhD
    • Everlasting Life: Mission Impossible or the Great Commission? by Jeff Gift, PhD
    • Extra-Terrestrials and Unidentified Flying Objects: What Relation to Origins? by Phil Johnson, MCE
    • Galapagos Islands: Did Darwin Really See Evolution in Action There? by Mark Stephens, MCS
    • Global Warming—Seeking a Godly Perspective by Jeff Gift, PhD
    • Freedom of Speech and Religion? Not in Academia by Dan Reynolds, PhD
  • The Bible and Theology (5 articles)
    • An Ounce of God-Ordained Prevention is Worth a Ton of Worldly Cure by Jeff Gift, PhD
    • Can We Prove the Bible? by Joe Spears, MS
    • Jesus and Genesis by Fred Johnson, PhD
    • The Biblical Creation Account from a Young Earth Perspective by Dan Reynolds, PhD

Once you have read and studied pertinent articles from your copy of Restoring The Truth About Origins: Book I, it should help you to be a more effective witness to address confidently the relevant situations in our society, to keep our communities and our nation under the influence of our Creator God with His righteous standards to guide and keep us a truly righteous nation under God and help the world to be as well. I became an active participant in TASC over 20 years ago to help me clear my confusion and confidently take the opportunities to take actions to help our youth and adults gain and remain strong in their faith in God by being able to refute evolution and other ungodly, secular philosophies that increase under atheism. I encourage you to do the same.

Summary and Closing

We at TASC hope your anticipation for Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I is high now! To get the full flavor of this exciting, informative book, we encourage you to return to the availability information at the beginning of this article and purchase the book through, by whom we were able to publish and deliver to you. We also pray and hope that your sharing of the copies that you have purchased for gifts of the book will bless you, your family, and associates. Please let your church and other acquaintances know of its availability, contents, and how to purchase through use of the information in this article. If your friends and acquaintances are interested, with their permission, you may send their names and email addresses to TASC_Notifications [at] to sign them up for a free, monthly copy of our TASC newsletter. They will receive information through our newsletter about Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I, plus information on our monthly meetings, monthly articles, and special events.

Also, please remember too that TASC will receive a portion of the sales of the books that you purchase, which will help us continue our services to you, particularly sponsoring informative creation/creation science conferences. Overall, it will help to build our outreach to you, our nation, and the world. May Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I serve as a lasting testimony to God our Creator and Christ our Creator and Savior. May all our efforts to make the book available and your efforts to getto others bring glory and praise to our God!

  • 1Randal M (2018) Study finds Gen Z least religious in America, AFA J, 42(3):9