Extra-terrestrials and Unidentified Flying Objects: What Relation to Origins?

Evolutionary thinking has changed the way people have viewed not just the world and human origins but also the way they view the cosmos and everything that possibly exists within its confines.

Evolution being the "scientific" foundation accepted in today's world has logically led to the acceptance of life on other planets simply because if it happened here by chance, then it could happen many other places in the universe. Millions of dollars are spent every year in the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project to prove their existence, yet no hard evidence exists of life on other planets or that any planets actually exist outside of our solar system.

Evolution along with the acceptance of life on other planets based on eastern mysticism has created a New Age religion to fill the spiritual void God created in man. This New Age religious theme suggests, "god is in you and everything else, also." This god is not compassionate, loving, caring or anything like the God of the Bible. He is just some form of higher energy or existence. The increasing popularity of science fiction and increased sightings of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) and alleged visitations seem to go together in a kind of symbiotic relationship. Many people think studying UFOs will reveal explanations for the origin of life and that mankind will benefit from the technological abilities of supposedly superior alien races. The UFO phenomenon seems to reflect the underlying desire in man for knowing the meaning of life and for bettering his existence. This observation testifies to the universal belief that there is more to life than our meager, pleasure seeking, and short-term existence on this planet. There is a spiritual hunger within every human being and every religion has tried to explain the mystery of, and meaning of, man's existence. Maybe the UFO New Age religion is set to become the world's fastest growing and most unifying religion.

In 1960, NASA commissioned a report to determine the effect on society if they would discover and release information proving the existence of extraterrestrials, which drew a terrifying conclusion. This report indicated, "it could send sweeping changes or even the downfall of civilization." Does this mean that the government really is hiding the truth?

There is a great conspiracy that all the little conspiracies are just symptoms and sometimes smokescreens of. The greatest conspiracy in the universe is the conspiracy of Satan to attempt to overthrow and usurp the God of Creation. "For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of  God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High." (Isaiah 14:13- 14 KJV) This conflict or conspiracy affects every aspect our lives.

Knowing that there is a much greater conspiracy than a possible cover-up of aliens by the governments of the world, let us consider the energy requirements for aliens to travel to Earth. The formula would be:

                                    Kinetic Energy = 0.5 mv2

where m=mass and v=velocity.

To propel an object that weighs one pound to a velocity 50% the speed of light would require an energy source equal to the energy of 98 Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs. Similar calculations for greater masses just show how improbable visitations from other star systems would be. 1

The ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis) is the belief that extraterrestrials have been regularly visiting our planet. Millions of people claim to have seen UFOs or been contacted by aliens. Some even claim to have been taken aboard alien spacecraft and have detailed descriptions of machinery. Yet we have never recovered a flying saucer or any undisputed fragments of one. Lack of evidence does not prove or disprove UFOs exist or what they really are.

To look at the evidence fairly and objectively, it is essential to first understand the difference between claims that are scientifically testable and those that are not (whether true or otherwise) and fall into the realm of beliefs held by faith. Pre-existing beliefs are always involved when people consider evidence because the "facts" are always interpreted within an existing worldview or framework of belief. At the very core of someone's belief about extraterrestrials is the issue of origins, since a person will frequently base his ideas about the origin of alien life on his beliefs about how life arose on Earth.

Before we continue our investigation into UFOs, we need to know and understand the limits of science. We can divide science procedure into two types: operational or process science and historical or origins science. Operational or process science is science based on the scientific procedure that is verified by observation - measurement over and over again. Historical or origin science is severely limited because we cannot experiment on, or test directly, past events. The scientist is forced to make interpretations of "data" based on assumptions. Only by understanding the limits of operational science and being open to the truth can we properly investigate the evidence for life on other planets.

In August of 1996 the headlines screamed that there was "Life on Mars." Technically known as ALH84001, this potato-sized rock supposedly made its way to earth after being ejected from the surface of Mars by an asteroid or comet impact, or even by a volcanic eruption possibly. It actually was discovered in 1984 and was reported to have arrived on earth 11,000-13,000 years ago, and many scientists maintained that it contained fossilized microbial life, or bacteria, from Mars. Jonathan Sarfati, a physical chemist, has commented, "The rock contains a mineral called magnetite, also called lodestone (which was used in the first compasses), as well as another mineral similar to 'fool's gold'. These minerals can be formed by living organisms or by processes having nothing to do with life." 2  The truth is other rocks have the same minerals that scientists claim support the idea that this rock shows life's existence from Mars and they have a known earthly origin. ALH84001 also contained soot or diesel exhaust, which definitely has an earthly biological origin. An interesting question arises about the timing of such revelation about a rock discovered in 1984 - was the fact that congress was about to cut NASA's funding part of the reason for such fanfare?

Reports of UFO sightings early in the 20th century yielded to alleged contacts and then abductions and messages from "space brothers", with one claiming his mission was "to help mankind return to the Lord." Many religious UFO believers interpret heaven to be another planet, galaxy, or extraterrestrial home where technology may have overcome death and sickness.

Project Blue Book, a report by the US Air Force listed 12,618 UFO reports, of which 701 have remained unidentified and unexplained. That is about five percent of all sightings in the report. It is also claimed that on some sightings there has been some collateral physical evidence such as scorch marks, depressions on the ground, and burnt or damaged plants that take longer to recover than expected. 3

The first modern sightings documented are the "airship waves" of 1886 and 1887 in the United States. Although traveling slowly by the standards of modern reports, these UFOs were perceived as being able to travel quite fast, ascend, and change directions very rapidly.

In the second half of the 1990s, a well-witnessed wave of sightings occurred over Israel, comprising the full gamut of UFO experiences, including electrical outages, cattle mutilations, crop circles, and even abductions. Some regard Israel as a UFO hotspot.

For all the attempts of skeptics to debunk sightings, and despite the lack of "hard" scientific evidence, all over the earth the UFO phenomenon continues to escalate. This is a bigger problem than the average person knows. It is true that the majority of sightings are the result of mistaken identity, and some are proven to be conscious lies or imaginary events. Despite the many explanations, too many ordinary people with far more to lose than to gain by telling fanciful stories go to their graves never recanting from their accounts of the events. There is no question that something quite real, mysterious, and very serious is going on.

Claims of alien intervention in human affairs have escalated to a new level in recent years. Today more and more people claim to have been abducted by aliens, and research polls suggest that as many as four million Americans from all walks of life claim to have been kidnapped against their will, subjected to medical and examination procedures aboard alien spacecraft, and exposed to bizarre sexual encounters. This phenomenon is occurring all over the world, and if true, it is contrary to the benign and friendly contacts claimed in previous years. Despite the horrible treatment given to those abducted, the overall message is still the same. The aliens claim they are here to help us, prophesying about the future events of the earth and mankind's fate in general.

Abductions are becoming so commonplace that UFO researchers have devised the Classic Abduction Syndrome list. First there is capture, usually at night. Second there is examination, normally aboard the space ship. Third there is a conference where the aliens teach (or propagandize) and tell the person abducted that he has a mission to carry out. Fourth on the list is that on rare occasions the aliens give their victim a tour of the ship. Fifth, and even more rarely, the aliens take them to another environment or sometimes to another planet. Sixth on the list is the person abducted may have a religious experience or claim to meet a divine being. Seventh on the list is that the person abducted is returned and told to forget the experiences. The eighth and final part is the aftermath. Even though a victim may have no recollection of what happened, the victim may suffer from significant psychological and physical effects for weeks up to years. The most telling effect is to change a person's outlook or worldview and to generate a religious transformation. It has been suggested that instigating a belief change could be the reason for the abduction in the first place. It has been overwhelmingly shown that the majority of people after being abducted subsequently develop an interest, and openly participate, in New Age/occult or Eastern-type mystical religions.

Impartial research has shown that those claiming to being abducted by aliens have, in the past, dabbled in what is commonly known as the occult, even if it was on a relatively minor basis. People do not seem to be aware of the potential of unlocking this doorway to the supernatural when they dabble in New Age practices. Nonetheless, their involvement in the occult subsequently increases, and they become more prone to New Age beliefs and practices. Even those who were New Age before their abduction escalate even deeper into the occult. One reason could be the "Damascus Road" experience that comes upon them by the aliens saying "follow me" and claiming they have a mission for the person abducted. This is a counterfeit experience imitating what Paul had on the Damascus road where he came into contact with a supernatural being, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Compare the spiritual nature of UFO sightings with the character of alien abductions, and surely we have to begin to realize that these entities are not real physical creatures from other planets, but from another dimension. Unfortunately most people have embraced a humanist-based view of the world because of their belief in evolution, which they claim created both them and the aliens. This opens them up to spiritual deception, allowing them to be blinded to the claims of the Bible, which declares God to be the Creator. The facts seem to indicate that UFOs are in reality intent on discrediting the only one that can really save this planet, the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter what some created creature from another planet or dimension may say, Jesus is Lord, and any spirit or being who does not reinforce this truth is not of God.