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Does "Neutral Ground" Really Exist? Phil Johnson MCE February, 2010
Does the Fact that Random Genetic Mutations Can Result in Adaptation Prove Macroevolution? Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2020
Does the Fact That Random Genetic Mutations Can Result in Adaptation Prove Macroevolution? (Part 2) Dan Reynolds PhD March, 2020
Does the Molecular Evidence Prove Common Ancestry is a "Fact?" Dan Reynolds PhD November, 2006
Everlasting Life: Mission Impossible or the Great Commission? Jeff Gift PhD March, 2005
Evidence Concerning Creation and Evolution Joe Spears MS December, 2003
Evidence for Creation from Astronomy and Physics Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2002
Evidences and Events of the Flood David Plaisted PhD December, 2007
Evidences for a Recent Creation: Part 1 David Plaisted PhD October, 2005
Evidences for a Recent Creation: Part 2 David Plaisted PhD November, 2005
Evidences for a Recent Creation: Part 3 David Plaisted PhD December, 2005
Evolution - a Proven Fact? Joe Spears MS November, 2011
Evolution - Impossible to Embarass its Believers Henry Morris PhD September, 2006
Evolution and Evidence Joe Spears MS September, 2005
Evolution’s False Start: The Spontaneous Generation of Life Dave Greear BSEE, D Min April, 2018
Extra-terrestrials and Unidentified Flying Objects: What Relation to Origins? Phil Johnson MCE February, 2006
Faith and Science: Friends or Foes Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2014
Fingerprints of the Creator Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2020
Fossils Joe Spears MS February, 2016
Fossils and Genetics: a Deadly Duo for Transitional Species and for Darwin's Theory Everett Coates BS June, 2013
Freedom of Speech and Religion? Not in Academia Dan Reynolds PhD June, 2008
Galapagos Islands: Did Darwin Really See Evolution in Action There? Mark Stephens MCS March, 2006
Genesis 2: Day 7 And A Closer Look At Day 6 Dan Reynolds PhD March, 2018
Genetics Research Joe Spears MS November, 2018
Geological Unconformities: What Are They and How Much Time Do They Represent? Everett Coates BS June, 2012
Global flood astronomical date range Terry Hurlbut February, 2015
Global Warming - Seeking a Godly Perspective Jeff Gift PhD July, 2007
God of Creation - God of Miracles Everett Coates BS June, 2018
God vs Design in "The Grand Design" Henry W. Middleton PhD April, 2013
God’s Very Good Design in Animals Mel Blinson July, 2019