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"Junk" DNA as Evidence for Evolution? Dan Reynolds PhD
"Sola Scriptura": Our Standard for Theology Henry W. Middleton PhD
A Biblical and Scientific Analysis of the Big Bang Matt Promise BS
A Creationist Response to Race and Racism Dave Greear BSEE, D Min
A Critique of an Antigospel Response to Race and Racism Dave Greear BSEE, D Min
A Few Modern Creationists Dan Reynolds PhD
A Perspective on Our Mental Processes Versus Our Physical Brain Darryl R. Sletten
A Response to Richard Dawkins' Argument Regarding the Basis of Morality in "The God Delusion" Henry W. Middleton PhD
A Response to Selected Arguments in Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion Dan Reynolds PhD
A Review and Response to the Book "The Grand Design" by Stephen Hawking Dan Reynolds PhD
A Review of "The End of Christianity" by William A. Dembski Dan Reynolds PhD
A Review of Finding Truth by Nancy R Pearcey Dan Reynolds PhD
A Review of Lawrence Krauss's Book, A Universe from Nothing Dan Reynolds PhD
A Review: Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, new DVD Series Mark Stephens MCS
Abortion: Creation View of the Value of Life Matt Promise BS
Accelerated Nuclear Decay Difficulties Solved? Joe Spears MS
Accurate Predictions Based on the Young Earth Creation Model Dan Reynolds PhD
Agnostic Surgeon Viggo Olsen, MD Discovers Truth! Mark Ellis
Amazing Coincidences for Life Joe Spears MS
An Ounce of God-Ordained Prevention is Worth a Ton of Worldly Cure Jeff Gift PhD
Anti-Supernaturalism and Scientific Investigation in Richard Dawkins' The Magic of Reality Henry W. Middleton PhD
Archaeology Supports Exodus Narrative Joe Spears MS
Archaeopteryx (unlike Archaeoraptor) is NOT a hoax—it is a true bird, not a “missing link” Jonathan Sarfati PhD
Are You Staying Alert? Phil Johnson MCE
Atheism Rising: What Can We Do About It? Mark Stephens MCS
Baby Picture Jeff Gift PhD
Bias Joe Spears MS
Biblical History and the Y Chromosome Matt Welborn PhD
Birds-Eye View of Creation Science Joe Spears MS
Bits and Pieces from the Earth Sciences Everett Coates BS