A Review: Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, new DVD Series

The objectives of this review of the new, exciting 12-DVD series, Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, by the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) are to:

  1. Motivate our readers of this newsletter to use this new series to help themselves and others to truly believe the Genesis account of creation, which is our foundation for belief in God and our Christian faith
  2. Help gain, hold, and strengthen faith in God, our Creator, in an increasingly secular society
  3. Use in our churches, fellowship groups, and homes with youth through adults to gain knowledge and understanding of the creation and science of creation message
  4. Generally, to help achieve our Triangle Association for the Science of Creation(TASC) mission, which is “to rebuild and strengthen the foundation of Christian faith by increasing awareness of the scientific evidence supporting the literal Biblical account of creation and refuting evolution”

I believe this new DVD series is important enough as outlined in the objectives above that I am dedicating this entire article to familiarize you with it. I hope this effort will motivate you to acquire a copy, and I encourage you very much to do so. As described by its producer, ICR, this DVD series is “Strong in science. Strong in faith. This groundbreaking series presents the science of creation like you’ve never seen it.” ICR invested two million dollars in its production to provide a high-quality and very professional offering with the latest in technological advances to provide high interest with enhanced understanding. Having purchased and reviewed it myself, I can testify to its Biblical and scientific integrity. I will give you ordering information later on in this article.

First, I will provide you with some more description of the Unlocking The Mysteries Of Genesis series as provided in the supportive materials by ICR. It comes in a container of 12 DVDS with each DVD having a length of 22 minutes showing time, which provides ample time for discussion and other activities in a typical 45-60 minute class or fellowship time. Other resources for more detailed study and interaction as desired are outlined in the accompanying Viewer Guide (also serves as a teacher and study guide), which I will share with you later. The series is suitable for use with middle school, high school, college, and adults.

To give you a stronger impression of what to expect from the 12-DVD series, I will now list each DVD episode and share with you a brief overview as described in the summary and “the big idea” sections in the Viewer Guide. 1

Episode 1: Chaos or Cosmos?

This episode kicks off the series by exploring the age old question: Was the universe designed or is it a product of random chance? The fundamentals and flaws of evolutionary theories contrast greatly with Scripture that illuminates the undeniable evidence of God’s creation.

The big idea: In the first chapter of Genesis, God laid out the steps He wisely took in the creation of this world. Our world didn’t happen by chance. It was planned and purposed by God, the great Designer.

Episode 2: What Is Life?

Where did life come from? Was it a chemical accident in a primordial pond or a living microscopic stowaway on an ancient asteroid, or was it something more intentional? Experts have analyzed the prevailing theories of life’s origins and tested them against known natural laws, recent genetic evidence, and other data that point to the divine origins of life.

The big idea: Natural laws, genetic evidence, and other data show that God created plants and animals… and you!

Episode 3: What Is Man?

One of the most controversial questions in all of science centers on where humans came from. Did we evolve from the animal kingdom, or did God create us uniquely to hold stewardship over the earth? Fascinating new evidence from genetic and medical research indicates we’ve been misguided by 150 years of evolutionary theory and teachings.

The big idea: Humans are not just complex animals---we are created in the image of God.

Episode 4: Buried Clues

What does the fossil record actually reveal about the history of life on Earth? Fossils reveal secrets of the past and expose how appearances can be deceiving. Astonishing new discoveries from dinosaur fossils cast doubt on mainstream assumptions about the age of the earth and suggest that cutting-edge science is only beginning to understand the wisdom and complexity of God’s design.

The big idea: The fossil record provides evidence for a great flood and supports the Bible’s history.

Episode 5: Flood or Fiction?

Most scientists agree that Earth’s climate and geology have been drastically altered by water since the beginning of time, but they puzzle over how and when this occurred. Does gradual erosion over eons of time explain natural wonders like Grand Canyon? Or was it the result of the great worldwide Flood described in Genesis?

The big idea: The Bible’s record of Noah’s Flood is more than a legend—it is a true account supported by scientific evidence.

Episode 6: How Old Is Earth?

Understanding Earth’s approximate age is more than an intellectual curiosity—it’s a critical issue of faith. Scientific evidence reveals that basic assumptions used to date the earth may be flawed. How old is the earth, really? And what evidence can we rely on?

The big idea: Science and the Bible both show that the earth is young—thousands, not billions, of years old.

Episode 7: Dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs captured our imaginations long before the field of paleontology was established in the 1700s. Dragons, winged serpents, and giant behemoths inhabited folklore around the world for centuries. Most modern scientists claim dinosaurs became extinct eons ago, while ancient historians and monster hunters recorded more recent sightings. Did dinosaurs really die off before humans existed?

The big idea: God created dinosaurs at the same time He created humans---the Bible and the scientific evidence support this!

Episode 8: The Ice Age

Evidence of at least one ice age is abundant. Where glaciers once were, you can see boulders, rocks, and dirt marking the path of debris left by the glaciers as they moved. By these debris fields, or glacial moraines, scientists have determined that huge glaciers covered large areas of most continents. Most scientists agree that an ice age was the last major geological event to happen on this planet. But differences of opinion exist on the number of ice ages there were, when they existed, and how long they lasted.

The big idea: Conditions caused by Noah’s Flood created only one ice age.

Episode 9: Rise of Civilization

If all people except Noah and his family were destroyed in the Flood, how and when did civilizations rebuild? Where did the Neandertals come from? How did the great nation of Egypt develop? Are the Bible stories of Moses and the nation of Israel historical? The latest discoveries in biology, medicine, archaeology, and anthropology help reveal the truth about man’s past.

The big idea: Who we are and how we got here are both God’s design.

Episode 10: Origin of the Universe

Modern technology enables scientists and stargazers to explore distant parts of the universe that ancient astronomers only dreamed about. New physics discoveries provoke fascinating and often fanciful theories about how the universe began, but they offer no tangible evidence. By applying the laws of empirical science and mathematics to the question of origins, it becomes apparent that the Biblical account of creation is startlingly accurate. Once again, science confirms Scripture.

The big idea: Secular science says that the universe came from the Big Bang, but the Bible records how God created the universe—by the power of His spoken command—and the laws of physics and mathematics reinforce the idea that order and design came from a creator.

Episode 11: Uniqueness of Earth

How is it possible that we exist at all, much less on a planet filled with so much beauty and complexity, hanging upon nothing in the endless void of space? Is the earth unique or, as Carl Sagan once said, “an insignificant planet of a humdrum star, lost in a galaxy” among millions of galaxies? By analyzing Earth’s unique position in the universe, we discover more about God’s eternal plan.

The big idea: God designed Earth for man, with everything designed to be in perfect balance.

Episode 12: Science and Scripture

For ages, man has searched for answers about where we came from, how life began, if God exists, and why we’re here. For centuries, Christians found answers in the Bible without question. There was extensive crossover between science and Scripture—and little or no perceived conflict. Today, things aren’t so simple. Christians still find answers in the Bible, the Word of God. But many Christians question if the Bible is completely true. It is. And we can rely on the Bible—all, not just some, of it—as an accurate record of creation. We can believe God’s Word.

The big idea: In his article “The Abolition of Truth and Morality,” the well-known 20th century philosopher Dr. Francis Schaeffer observed: “These two worldviews stand as totals in complete antithesis to each other in content and also in their natural results” (churchleadership.org). One view offers a life with meaning, salvation in Jesus Christ and hope based on the Bible that is confirmed by scientific evidence. The other relies on the wisdom of man and emphasizes that life has no purpose. Which future do you want for yourself? Which will you believe?

Other useful sections in the Viewer’s Guide that aid the DVD viewer’s understanding and the teacher’s or group discussion leader’s facilitation includes the following:

  1. Key points
  2. Think about it discussion and questions
  3. Central Bible verses
  4. Notable quotes
  5. Join the conversation including “Evolution says” and “Creation says”
  6. Getting further equipped including websites, books, articles, DVDs, etc.

These practical and informative sections make it suitable for the teacher whether or not he or she has an extensive theological or scientific background. After all, the objective is to edify you and others with whom you share and study using this excellent facilitator series, Unlocking The Mysteries Of Genesis. Also, the moderator in the DVDs, Markus Lloyd, is a strong communicator with energy and excitement that keeps the audience interested to gain the needed education or edification on this creation and science of creation subject. All in all, the viewer and participant in church classes or Bible study groups should gain more complete theological understanding of the Genesis account along with scientific evidences that support it, not dismiss it as secularist theories and philosophies such as naturalistic evolution, humanism, and materialism attempt to do.

Now, I pray and hope you are interested in acquiring a copy of Unlocking The Mysteries Of Genesis for your personal edification and use to edify youth through adults in church and Bible fellowship groups. (I am currently proposing this series in my church; let me encourage you to do the same in yours.) This will help all to understand the creation and science of creation message, further enhancing our faith in God and equipping us to stand strong for faith in God and Christianity in today’s secular society.

To acquire a copy of this 12-DVD series with accompanying Viewer Guide and “captivate your audience with this biblical blockbuster, satisfy your seekers with cutting edge research, share the excitement about science that confirms the Bible, and marvel at the stunning visuals and amazing facts”, 2  you may use one of the following:

  1. UnlockingTheMysteriesOfGenesis.org
  2. ICR.org/store
  3. 800-628-7640
  • 1Unlocking The Mysteries Of Genesis, Viewer Guide (2014) Institute for Creation Research, www.ICR.org. Dallas, TX
  • 2Institute for Creation Research (2014), Acts & Facts, 43(5): 11