The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

On August 7, 1996 headlines across the country emblazoned the news that NASA had identified evidence of life on Mars. A meteorite named AHL84001 had been found in the Antarctic and was studied by a team of ten NASA and Stanford University scientists. Their conclusion was that life was present on Mars some 3.6 billion years ago. 1

Martian meteorite

Creation Ministries International’s Recent Superconference at Myrtle Beach

I recently attended the Creation Ministries International (CMI) five-day Creation 2022 Superconference at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. TASC board members Drs. Jeff Gift and David Greear were also in attendance. The conference was held from May 30 to June 3 at the beautiful Hilton Myrtle Beach Resort, located right on the ocean. There were 597 in attendance from all over the country, 22 lectures, 10 CMI presenters, a massive bookstore, a children’s program, optional opportunities to attend a guided tour through a nearby aquarium with marine biologist Dr. Robert Carter or to match wits with chess master Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, and free time to enjoy the beach.

July Creation conference lecture hall