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New, Book II: Restoring The Truth About Origins

Announcing new and edifying, TASC's:  Restoring The Truth About Origins: Book II

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This new Book II: Restoring The Truth About Origins will be very useful to the recipient, especially our children, to see how true, objective evidences support the Bible and the Genesis creation account. So, we encourage you to get copies for your children today (as well as for yourself and friends) to gain, hold and strengthen their faith in these trying times when they are taught biological evolution as fact in much of the public media, leading to dismissal of God.

Special Introductory 15% Discount Offer: $29.99 ---> $25.49

This book is now available for your purchase by three easy ways:

  1. You may access the book directly at: http://www.lulu.com/shop/triangle-association-for-the-science-of-creation/restoring-the-truth-about-origins-book-ii/paperback/product-24199177.html
  2. If the link above does not work you can access the Lulu.com website and search for the book title, Restoring The Truth About Origins: Book II.
  3. You may also order by telephone: 844-212-0689. Significant to TASC is that a portion of the sales of the book will help us provide our services, particularly more Origins Truth Conferences which provide significant outreach and impact to our mission as discussed below.

We encourage you to take advantage of our Special Introductory 15% Discount Offer for our new Restoring The Truth About Origins: Book II. TASC will receive a portion of the sales of this book to help carry out its services, especially to conduct more needed Origins Truth Conferences.  So we appreciate your support as a partner which will serve as a lasting testimony to God our Creator!

Another offer from TASC: Restoring The Truth About Origins: Book I

This second edition of Restoring The Truth About Origins: Book I has been revised and updated and is still available for your purchase by clicking here.