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Videos by Illustra Media

Videos by Illustra Media (  Many high-quality videos supporting intelligent design

intelligent design video, website
Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis (2014, Institute for Creation research). A 12-video series considering science and scripture. Great for Sunday School or home school.

creation, evolution, young earth video
Uncommon Descent intelligent design website
Thousands Not Billions

Thousands Not Billions by Don DeYoung (layman’s version of #5)

young earth book
Theistic Evolution

Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique by multiple authors (Crossway, 2017).

evolution book
The Young Earth

The Young Earth by John Morris (2007, Master Books). A PhD geologist surveys many scientific evidences supporting a recent creation.

young earth book
The Origin of Life: An Inside Story

The Origin of Life: An Inside Story - 2016 Lectures (with James Tour). Tour, a messianic Jew and one of the best organic chemists of our day, discusses abiogenesis. (

abiogenesis video
The Great Debate on Science and the Bible

Video Series: The Great Debate on Science and the Bible: Young Earth Vs Old Earth (available at Ken Ham debates Hugh Ross.

young earth video
The Genesis Record

The Genesis Record by Henry Morris (Baker Books, 1976). Theological and scientific commentary on Genesis. Some of the science is dated, but the exegesis is amazing.

Genesis book
The Genesis Debate

The Genesis Debate edited by David Hagopian (Crux Press, 2001). Subscribers of the young earth, progressive creation, and the framework hypothesis positions make their cases and respond to each other.

Genesis, young earth book