Sharing Our Creation / Creation Science Message

For this month’s newsletter article I will take the opportunity to share two creation / creation science messages that will help you become equipped to share and encourage you to share with others. One is The Triangle Association for the Science of Creation (TASC) upcoming, September 8, Origins 2012 Conference. The other will be a personal sharing experience with my nephew which represents our critical need to share with our youth and adults in these challenging times when the worldviews are influencing us and causing many to give up our faith in God our Creator. Perhaps these two events on the will encourage you to share with your family and friends who need to gain and hold faith in God our Creator, and Christ our Creator and Savior. Colossians 1:14-17

First, we at TASC would like to invite you to join us at the Origins 2012 Conference, Saturday, September 8, to reach the people in the greater Raleigh area, and you, in turn, please bring your children ages 6-12, teens, college students, and invite other family and friends. Our website for the conference and registering is: We learn in Isaiah 55:11 that in the sowing of God’s word, He will prosper it.

The following is an announcement providing the programs and schedules for the Origins 2012 Conference. Please use this announcement to invite others. You may use this in your church (e.g., as a bulletin insert) and other places.

Origins 2012 Conference

Who’s your Ancestor?

Adam? Or Ape?

Find out.

Attend the Origins 2012 Conference: Confirming Creation; Confronting Evolution

Learn what the human genome, the fossils, the magnificent design in nature, the worldwide flood, and other scientific evidence say about creation and evolution.

Sponsored by the Triangle Association for the Science of Creation.

Saturday, September 8, from 8:45 am to 5 pm.

At Providence Baptist Church, 6339 Glenwood Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina.

Speakers will be Scientists from Creation Ministries International:

Dr. Robert Carter and Dr. Jonathan Sarfati

Program for Teens through Adults will be provided

Separate program for Children ages 6 to 12 by Insect Man, Karl Priest!

Registration fee: $10 for family, $7 couple, $5 individual

Register on web at: plus see programs and schedules there.

Plan now to come out!

Children's Program

Concurrent with the talks below (8:45 am-5 pm) will be programs for children, ages 6-12 years. A former kindergarten-9th grade teacher and school principal will be presenting sessions for the children: The Insect Man (Karl Priest).

9:15 am Introduction to Insects (a hands-on program)

10:15 am break

10:30 am Consider the Ant

11:30 am Craft Activity

12:00 pm Lunch

1:00 pm Ready to Prey (The praying mantis)

2:00 pm break

2:20 pm Incredible Insects

3:20 pm Beautiful Butterflies

3:45 pm Q&A (Parents may view the specimens, speak to the Insect Man, or listen to the main Q&A. Option: we may have another craft activity during this time.)

Teens, College & Adults Schedule Saturday, September 8, 2012

8:45 am Opening remarks, Recognitions

• Introduction of speakers

9:15 am Dr. Robert Carter - Creation’s Competitive Edge

• Fossils and the Flood

• How to use creation as a witnessing tool

1 Peter 3:15 “Be prepared to defend the hope that is in you.”

10:15 am Break out - Visit with conference attendees and discuss what you are learning

10:30 am Dr. Jonathan Sarfati - Refuting Compromise

• Genesis is foundational to the Christian faith

• What Scripture says versus what the world is teaching through the schools/media

• What real science says about dating systems, age of the earth, and evidence for a world wide flood

11:30 am Question and answer period with Drs. Sarfati and Carter - submit written questions

12:00 Lunch

• Box lunches, available by registration online. Several restaurants are near conference site.

• Time to fellowship and discuss conference, meet new friends

1:00 am Dr. Robert Carter - The Human Genome

• Evidence for the complexity of the human genome and how it refutes any possibility of evolutionary process

2:00 am Break out - Meet others and discuss the conference topics

2:20 am Dr. Jonathan Sarfati - Creation Declares the Glory of God’s Incredible Designs

• Presentation of several evidences of magnificent design in nature, including DNA, molecular machines, the complexity of the cell, and more

3:20 am Testimonies of false teachings, intimidations, persecutions, and faith-building as a result of creation information

4:00 am Q & A Drs. Carter and Sarfati

• Written questions from audience

Sharing the creation/creation science message with my nephew

I would like now to provide you a personal example of sharing the creation/creation science message to help meet the very pressing need to equip our youth to gain, hold, and strengthen their faith in God. Another goal would be to help to prevent being deceived from the secular worldviews such as naturalistic evolution and humanism. Surveys show that we are losing greater than half of our children who grow up in the church as they go off to college and into the world.

My nephew’s grandmother expressed concern to me that although he was a Christian, she was concerned about him possibly being deceived by all the secular worldviews to which he was being exposed in school and the public arena. She had been very involved in his upbringing, loves him very much, and wanted to minister to him. Knowing my Christian and science background and my association with TASC, she was interested in me writing a letter to him that she could share with him along with other useful things of her own. My nephew is a bright 16 year old aspiring to become a lawyer.

The following is a copy of my letter with appropriate edits to my nephew that might inspire you to develop your own and share with a family member or friend to help him or her.

Hello Nephew,

How are you? I understand you are becoming a wise young man. With God’s knowledge in your heart and wisdom from it, you are now and will be a great teacher/lawyer.

Please let me challenge you to help yourself and others gain, hold, and strengthen their faith in God our Creator, not be deceived by naturalistic evolution, humanism, etc. that are asking our young and old to give up their faith in God, having been deceived by false knowledge (science), 1 Timothy 6: 20-21, from NIV and KJV Bibles. True science (knowledge) is good; it is not the enemy. True, objective science confirms the Genesis account of creation, not dismiss it as many today tempt us to do; e.g., naturalistic evolution is false science (knowledge). It is basically conjecturing about some observations about origins and nature, not true objective science or history. The Bible is an actual historical ac- count brought to us by authors inspired from God, 2 Timothy 3:16. True, objective science (knowledge) confirms God’s word, not dismiss it as many who profess worldviews will say. It helps us to trust God’s Genesis account of creation and gives us confidence to witness for and follow Him.

Thus, nephew, please shore up your knowledge. I will use the resource of the organization called Triangle Association for the Science of Creation (TASC) of which I am a board member and have written articles for its newsletters using my biblical knowledge and science training. You and others can access these articles on our website and become knowledgeable in creation and creation science which will help you hold your faith in God and not be deceived by the so-called scientific knowledge you are exposed to such as naturalistic evolution. Access about 10 of my articles at > Newsletters > Sort by author (tab down to my name Mark Stephens) > Apply > and you should receive about ten of my articles which I wrote having learned true science (knowledge) to straighten myself out and now to be a better witness for God our Creator, and Christ our Creator and Savior, Colossians 1:15-17. I wrote most of these articles while serving as chairman of TASC and now continue to serve on the board of directors. I have a Masters of Combined Sciences in biology, chemistry, and geology and taught high school sciences before going into pharmaceutical research, marketing, and sales for 30 years.

About now, you are getting heavy into biology and the other sciences [for] which I have great interest and enjoy very much. However, be warned that you will be taught and asked to believe in naturalistic evolution which is false science—basically a conjectural philosophy. This will lead you away possibly if you do not increase your true knowledge based upon God’s word and true, objective science as Paul warned Timothy, 1 Timothy 6:20-21.

I almost lost my faith during my science training, not understanding fully that God created with lots of variety and ability to adapt and change that He programmed within the kinds. He created, Genesis 1, not evolved by impossible mathematical chance over millions of years from one kind to another kind as our public school text books teach. We humans are still humans—human kind, and apes and monkeys are still ape kind, etc. Dogs are still dogs even though they have changed from the variety programmed within (original dog kind most likely similar to wolves) that God programmed into their DNA—and horses, elephants, etc.—although varieties therein. The beasts of the field including dinosaurs were created on the 6th day as were we humans. Dinosaurs likely were referred to in the Bible as behemoth, leviathan in Job 40 and 41, and dragons in Isaiah 27:1, Psalms 74:13, 14 in KJV, not named dinosaurs until 1841 by Dr. Owen (See my article on “Dinosaurs, The Real Story” on the TASC website, plus check out other TASC authors on this subject and other creation science subjects to learn much, much more.)

Nephew, I have taken this time to help you hold and strengthen your faith in God so you can be strong in faith and help others. I love you as kin and a brother in Christ. Please love others and yourself by reading and studying the attached articles and info and sharing your true knowledge gained with others.

As mentioned above, surveys and studies show that we are losing greater than 50% of our youth to secularism and worldliness before they even leave home. Although they are brought up in the church, as they go off to college, even more drop out as they are exposed to the deceit of worldviews and false knowledge (science).
Keep the faith!

Nephew, let me know what you think and if you have questions contact me. 919-649-3759,
markvstephens [at]


Uncle Mark

P.S. I helped develop a creation/creation science curriculum at our church for children through adults to help gain and hold faith in God our Creator. Call if you would like to see and study.

We at TASC are sharing the creation/creation message with you. Will you equip yourself by joining us at our Origins 2012 Conference? Then you too will be able to personally share the creation/creation science message with your family and acquaintances. This is so critical a need in these challenging times. We also encourage you to sign up others to receive the TASC newsletter by visiting our web site,, and come out to our monthly meetings.