Genesis Chronologies

Differences between ancient Genesis sources

Usher's MT-based date of 4004 BC for creation week in Genesis when compared to the LXX-derived date of 5560 BC 1 gives a difference of 1556 years. How to explain this?

There are other differences, some of which are summarized in the table below:

Differences between MT and LXX 2
Adam to Flood Flood to Abraham Adam to Abraham
MT 1656 years 352 years 2008 years
LXX 2262 years 1132 years 3394 years
Difference 606 years 780 years 1386 years
  • 1This date is arrived at by adding the years from Adam to the flood, 2262, to the date of the flood, 3298 BC, giving the result of 5560 BC.
  • 2This chart is based on data taken from (at 15:41 min)

TASC Activities 2012

TASC is an acronym that stands for the Triangle Association for the Science of Creation. We publish newsletters and articles dealing with science, creation and God. TASC has recently planned a seminar for later this Fall, and has also planned other activities. In this article we look at what TASC has done, is currently doing, and plans to do in the near future.