TASC Meeting: Creation vs. Cartoon Evolution - And the Winner Is...

Thursday, March 12, 2020 - 7:00pm

TASC typically meets the 2nd Thursday monthly, at 7:00 pm, at Providence Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC.

Room 237, 2nd floor
Providence Baptist Church
6339 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612

The church is located across from Pleasant Valley Promenade and Townridge Square shopping centers, and north of the Crabtree Valley Mall.

Parents and children 10 and above:

This entertaining and informative talk by our new speaker, Christian business man and TASC supporter, Xan Spencer, is especially for you and your children to gain and hold faith in this trying world! 

Creation Vs Cartoon Evolution - And The Winner Is…

From school age all the way through adulthood we are constantly hit with so many evolution “facts” and examples that our mind can’t help, at the least, subconsciously take it in. It’s so invasive that even our children’s cartoons and Youtube shows talk about it often. The question is are we actively educating ourselves and then teaching our children the truth so that when they/we hear or see those things, we can immediately dismiss them as being totally false. Just like we immediately dismiss cartoons as not being real, nothing more than characters and stories simply made up by men and not real in the slightest. Today I’m excited to reignite your faith, share Biblical truths and real life examples that provide ourselves and children with much needed assurance that this world and everything in it was created by our heavenly Father!

Hello! My name is Xan Spencer, I grew up in Mississippi, and attended the University of Southern Mississippi and Middle Tennessee State University where I majored in business and entrepreneurship. My wife, Jenn, and I have been married for 12 years, and we have 2 children. Our son Cullen who is 7, and our daughter Maryn who is almost 3. We have also been active foster parents for 3.5 years. The last 12 years I’ve worked for myself, starting multiple businesses, of which 2 have been sold. I’ve been featured on MSN and MSN Money among other publications. Most importantly I love the Lord and for the last several years have studied Creation Science to strengthen my faith, share His Word with confidence, and to give myself the education necessary to equip my children with truth and confidence in His word and creation. I look forward to meeting you on March 12th at the TASC meeting!

So come on out at 7pm for a great witness for you and your children!