Flood Model Conference

Update: The conference is past now, ...

... but more information about the evidence for the Flood of Noah and about the Hydroplate Theory is at the Hydroplate site

Join the Sep. 21-23, 2023 virtual (online) conference that offers possible answers to some of the most puzzling questions in earth science, such as:


Fountains of the great deep
Fountains of the Great Deep
  • Why do we find amino acids on asteroids, and limestone in comets?
  • What produced the world’s massive volume of sedimentary rock?
  • Why is the near side of the moon so different from the far side?
  • Why are there seashells on top of Mt. Everest?
  • Why is radioactivity associated with continental granites?

The Hydroplate Theory offers a Biblical, yet scientific, scenario for how the global flood of Noah’s day completely rearranged the surface of the globe. It solves many of the problems that plague other tectonic theories. It out-performed NASA in predicting what would be found in comets and asteroids.


Mid-Atlantic Ridge forming
Mid-Atlantic Ridge forming

In addition to a dozen presentations by eight speakers, we will also offer a virtual “field trip” to the Grand Canyon to find out how it may have formed.

Yes, you can afford this conference! We only ask a small donation, and leave that amount up to you (suggested donation $20, students $10). Your registration not only gives you access to the live sessions, but also to the permanent archive of the conference. With unlimited access to the presentations (no expiry) plus free ebooks to download, it’s the educational deal of the year!

For schedule information and registration, visit: HYDROPLATE.ORG