Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy

Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy! 


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Published by NPA as a Monograph separately bound from the Proceedings of their 2013 Conference, Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy summarizes over 35 years of Barry Setterfield's research in fields of astronomy, physics, geology, and some biology (clues regarding gigantism in the fossil record). Lay-friendly. 465 pages long. Soft bound. Basic cost is $35. $10 is added for shipping in the United States and $20 for international shipping.

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"I am amazed and deeply impressed by your book. You show great skill in taking the reader right on beyond today's best secular physics... You speak like a very polite scholar as you stand on the shoulders of giants and move their work forward by light years ... you have filled in many gaps in recent research work making your work more convincing and fitting in many answers. The overall quality is excellent and easy to follow." physicist Lambert Dolphin

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"I am overwhelmed by its huge scope and the immense care you have given to it.  I also am impressed by the quality of its production. It is a hefty book with lots of content and plenty of references...There is so much there, penetrating into many separate disciplines." Dr. Bernard Brandstater

Your monograph arrived very promptly. It was wonderful to see it and actually hold it - all so beatifully presented and bound. I began to read it at once and was impressed by the introductory section where you both worked so assiduously to introduce and illustrate the necessary concepts for the uninitiate. Thought the title was just right - far better than " Cosmology and Z P E for Dummies 

On reading the introduction, I began to realise just how difficult it must have been for you to have determined  what would be the most  appropriate and succinct way to illustrate each concept. And having done all that, I can only begin to imagine how hard it must have been to edit that introduction - not only what to retain, but what to leave out. But you did it so well -and all within just 17 pages ! Congratulations to you both. I'm really looking forward to reading the entire work. Allen Roberts

August, 2016 -- Barry has twice been offered honorary Ph.D.'s on the basis of this book and refused both times. He feels if the work is good, it should be able to stand on its own.