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Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy! 


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Published by NPA as a Monograph separately bound from the Proceedings of their 2013 Conference, Cosmology and the Zero Point Energy summarizes over 35 years of Barry Setterfield's research in fields of astronomy, physics, geology, and some biology (clues regarding gigantism in the fossil record). Lay-friendly. 465 pages long. Soft bound. Basic cost is $35. $10 is added for shipping in the United States and $20 for international shipping.

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"I am amazed and deeply impressed by your book. You show great skill in taking the reader right on beyond today's best secular physics... You speak like a very polite scholar as you stand on the shoulders of giants and move their work forward by light years ... you have filled in many gaps in recent research work making your work more convincing and fitting in many answers. The overall quality is excellent and easy to follow." physicist Lambert Dolphin

Fossil Forensics: Separating Fact from Fantasy in Paleontology 

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An Evaluation of the Fossil Record Evidence by Professor Jerry Bergman is an absolutely extraordinary book of 20 chapters.  I have had the great privilege and honor of proofreading books for him for many years now.  This book, in particular, I believe will be important evidence in helping to deal the death blow to evolution's use of the fossil record to advance their theory of the evolution of simple molecules-to-man fairy tale.  I predict it will be a best-seller, and profoundly impact this and future generations.

- Bryce Gaudian, Development Manager for Agilis Corporation.

As a biology researcher who has published in the peer reviewed scientific literature, and also a lifetime college biology professor for 40 years, I am pleased to state that, as I read the draft of the manuscript of this book, I was so intrigued that, when finishing each chapter, I eagerly looked forward to the next fascinating chapter! I co-wrote chapter on turtles with Dr. Bergman, an area I have publisher numerous peer reviewed articles on, and completed a PhD on this topic as well.

- Professor Wayne Frair PhD