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Photograph Credit: NASA, ESA, S. Beckwith (STScl), and The Hubble Heritage Team STScl/AURA
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Amazing Animals

Mel Blinson talks about remarkable and often unique features of his favorite animals, for which evolutionists have no explanation on how they arose.

Ape and Human Fossils

Mel Blinson reviews many of the fossils that have been claimed at one time to be the remains of prehumans, only to be reclassified as apes. Other alleged prehuman fossils are now known to be fully human.

Creating Hot Christians

Dr. Jeff Gift describes how the teachings of theistic evolution had caused him to doubt God and the Bible. He then tells us how a dramatic event in his life led him away from the teachings of evolution, moved him towards the more scientifically sustainable, Biblical account of our origins, and lit a fire under his walk with God.

Galapagos Islands

Mark Stephens tells us about a trip he made to the Galapagos Islands with a group of scientists from the Institute for Creation Research. Mr. Stephens comments on the fauna and flora that significantly influenced Charles Darwin to write On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.

Intelligent Design in Biology

Dr. Dan Reynolds describes how the information found in the DNA/RNA/protein system of even the simplest single-celled organisms precludes natural explanations but is consistent with intelligent design.

Intelligent Design in Physics

Dr. Dan Reynolds presents evidence from a close look at the cosmos and its physical laws that the universe has been intelligently designed by an all-powerful God to support life on this earth. The four fundamental forces, quantum mechanics and the chemical properties of the elements, the laws of thermodynamics, the nature of gravity, our planet's position around the sun, composition of our atmosphere, the presence of a large moon, the nature of our sun, and so many other things all point to a creator.

Interview with Dr. David Plaisted

Dr. David Plaisted, a professor of computer science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, tells us of how he came to believe in evolution in high school but later began to consider the creation/evolution question when someone introduced him to a book on scientific evidence for the flood and creation. Dr. Plaisted goes on to talk about major problems with evolutionary theory in the fields of paleontology, biology, and astronomy.

Interview with Dr. Gerald Van Dyke

Professor Emeritus, Plant Biology, Dr. Gerald Van Dyke, discusses how he became convinced that the evolutionary concept of life from molecules to man is not based on science.

Interview with Mel Blinson

Mel Blinson tells us of how Christians fall into error because they do not know or will not believe the Scriptures as they are plainly written. He tells us of how he, too, had fallen into error by compromising the Scriptures with secular science and how God “cleaned house” in his life after he came to trust God and His Word as recorded for us in the Scriptures.

One Race

Mark Stephens reminds us that God made us as a single “race,” i.e., we all are descended from Adam and Eve. We are all, therefore, of the same blood. The physical characteristics we associate with the so-called “races” are merely the result of the segregation and propagation of particular sets of genes from among the diversity that was originally built into the genes of Adam and Eve and passed on from the set of genes carried by Noah and his extended family, not from any evolutionary process.