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Photograph Credit: NASA, ESA, S. Beckwith (STScl), and The Hubble Heritage Team STScl/AURA
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Origin of Humans, Part 2

Dr. Dan Reynolds continues on the topic of the origin of humans. Dr. Reynolds corrects the misstatements that our DNA is similar to that of chimpanzee DNA. He also presents the evidence that the population of the entire modern world is descended from a single human male, based on the occurrence of only a single type of Y chromosome, and from 3 females, based on the 3 basic varieties of mitochondrial DNA.

Intelligent Design in Biology

Dr. Dan Reynolds describes how the information found in the DNA/RNA/protein system of even the simplest single-celled organisms precludes natural explanations but is consistent with intelligent design.

Intelligent Design in Physics

Dr. Dan Reynolds presents evidence from a close look at the cosmos and its physical laws that the universe has been intelligently designed by an all-powerful God to support life on this earth. The four fundamental forces, quantum mechanics and the chemical properties of the elements, the laws of thermodynamics, the nature of gravity, our planet's position around the sun, composition of our atmosphere, the presence of a large moon, the nature of our sun, and so many other things all point to a creator.

Origin of Humans, Part 1

Dr. Dan Reynolds presents the recent evidence that the DNA that does not code for proteins, previously referred to as junk DNA and thus a vestigial remnant of our evolutionary history, is not junk after all. Rather, the ENCODE project has shown that more than 80% of this DNA is transcribed into RNA with regulatory and repair functions and which controls folding and maintenance of chromosomes. To quote genetics professor Dan Graur, “If ENCODE is right, then evolution is wrong.”

Interview with Dr. David Plaisted

Dr. David Plaisted, a professor of computer science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, tells us of how he came to believe in evolution in high school but later began to consider the creation/evolution question when someone introduced him to a book on scientific evidence for the flood and creation. Dr. Plaisted goes on to talk about major problems with evolutionary theory in the fields of paleontology, biology, and astronomy.

The Origin of Suffering and Death

Dr. Fred Johnson presents the fundamental theological problem that arises from attempts to merge the Biblical account of creation with a belief in evolution—the origin of suffering and death. Evolution is simply incompatible with orthodox theology, and embracing it undermines the very foundation of the gospel of Christ as our suffering savior.

The Origin of Life - Part 2

Dr. Gerald Van Dyke continues our discussion of how there is no known naturalistic mechanism by which life on Earth could not have occurred spontaneously. Many evolutionists even admit that life must not have started on earth and must have come to Earth for elsewhere, which only brings us back to the question of how it started somewhere else.

The Origin of Life - Part 1

Dr. Gerald Van Dyke explains how evolutionists like to talk about survival of the fittest, missing links, and fossils as evidence of a long history of life on earth, but they avoid talking about the fundamental problem of how life began because this critical aspect of evolutionary theory has no sound scientific support.


Dr. Gerald Van Dyke speaks on symbiotic organisms and on the lichen in particular—an example of a mutualistic relationship between an alga and an encapsulating fungus with no evolutionary explanation of how this came to be.

Soft Dinosaur Tissue - Part 2

Dr. Jeff Gift continues with more fossil evidence that dinosaurs were alive several thousand years ago, and he describes how scientists are searching for an explanation of how soft tissue containing significantly intact DNA could be preserved within fossilized bones for tens of millions of years.