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Finding Truth

Finding Truth by Nancy Pearcy (David C Cook, 2015). Pearcey explains why Christianity is the best worldview and why others are self-refuting.

worldviews book
Genesis Apologetics organization
Genesis Science Research organization
Genetic Entropy

Genetic Entropy by John Sanford (2014, FMS Publications). Former Cornell professor explains why macroevolution is impossible from a genetic perspective.

evolution book
Heretic: One Scientist's Journey from Darwin to Design

Heretic: One Scientist's Journey from Darwin to Design by Matti Leisola (Discovery Institute Press, 2018). A former atheist turned young earth creationist tells his story and lays out the case against Darwinism and for design.

evolution, intelligent design book Review of the book at TASC
Institute for Creation Research (ICR) organization, website Institute for Creation Research (ICR)
Is Genesis History?

Is Genesis History? (Compass Cinema, 2017). Several PhD scientists explain why they believe Genesis is history and defend recent creation.

creation, Genesis, young earth video
Journal of Creation

peer reviewed technical journal, paid subscription required for most recent year

Mount Saint Helens

Mount Saint Helens, Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe (Institute for Creation Research). There is a 2012 version as well. A documentary hosted by creationist geologist Steve Austin. One of the best creation videos available.

young earth video
Mysteries of the Megaflood

Mysteries of the Megaflood (Nova, 2005).  Not a creationist film, but shows evidence for catastrophic geological processes that even the secular community has acknowledged.

flood video