TASC - Triangle Association for the Science of Creation

TASC endeavors to show Christians and others in the Triangle area that the facts of science are consistent with the Biblical account of origins and inconsistent with the evolutionary worldview. 

Review of The Stairway to Life: An Origin of Life Reality Check

July, 2020

 Figure 1: Front Cover

The Stairway to Life: An Origin of Life Reality Check (Fig. 1), 1 written by chemist Change Laura Tan and engineer Rob Stadler, is one of the most insightful and devastating books ever written about the problems with abiogenesis (the spontaneous formation of life from chemicals), especially the RNA world hypothesis. Written in 2020, the book is 268 pages long, is divided into three major parts and 21 chapters, has a glossary and index, is well illustrated with drawings and tables, makes well-reasoned arguments, and cites 227 articles from the scientific literature. Stairway is written clearly, concisely, and with penetrating insight into the various layers of information found in living cells, revealing the complete explanatory bankruptcy of abiogenesis. Tan (Fig. 2), 

Figure 2: Change Tan

Great Information Found in Inspiration from Creation

June, 2020

Figure 1b

Inspiration from Creation 1 was written by Stuart Burgess and his friend Dominic Statham to show us what an awesome Creator we have by citing just a few of the great things that have been invented by studying His marvelous creation. Six chapters in the book were written by Burgess, and Statham wrote the other three. Burgess has held academic posts at Bristol University and Cambridge University in the United Kingdom and at Liberty University in the United States. Most of all the highlights below came from the chapters penned by Burgess. This book inspired me to spend a lot more time looking for other things that have been developed by trying to copy what our Creator has done.

  • 1. Burgess S, Stratham D (2017) Inspiration From Creation, Creation Ministries International, Eight Mile Plains, QLD

Is Anthropogenic Climate Change Destroying the World?

May, 2020

Nowadays it is hard to escape the constant media bombardment of dire predictions for life on earth if human beings don't radically curtail the use of fossil fuels. 1 These sources claim that the nearly unanimous consensus of the scientific community is that the carbon dioxide (CO2) generated from the use of fossil fuels is destroying the planet and that only immediate and drastic changes to our way of life can save us (i.e., the “Green New Deal”). These dire assessments are said to be based upon “settled science” that is above question, yet hundreds of scientists are on record as skeptical of these claims. 2 Anyone doubting these views is labeled a “science denier.” However, there are many reasons to question all the doom and gloom.

Agnostic Surgeon Viggo Olsen, MD Discovers Truth!

April, 2020

By Mark Ellis, taken from God Reports, June 8, 2012

Dr. Viggo Olsen has more than twenty letters of academic and professional achievement following his name and is a diplomate of the American Board of Surgery. His brilliant surgical career is documented in the book, Daktar: Diplomat in Bangladesh.

At the beginning of his medical practice he believed in science, a view that held little room for religious faith. “I viewed Christianity and the Bible through agnostic eyes, feeling that modern science had outmoded much of this religious sentiment,” he recalls.

Dr. Viggo Olsen and his wife Joan, 1950

He began his internship in internal medicine at Long Island College Hospital in New York. During this period, his wife Joan’s parents challenged the young couple to attend church and investigate the claims of Jesus Christ. While he gave them some outward assurance they would attend, he wouldn’t say how often. He also told them he would make an impartial search for truth about the Bible, but inwardly, he had reservations. “We reluctantly agreed to study their ‘unscientific’ religion.”