Virtual TASC Meeting

Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 7:00pm

Due to coronavirus concerns, TASC will be meeting online July of 2020.

Thursday, July 09, 7:00 PM, Virtual TASC Meeting (Zoom teleconference):

Is Genesis History? The Doctrine of Revelation

Fred Johnson, PhD

This presentation, by Fred Johnson, is taken from the first chapter, The Doctrine of Revelation, of the feature film Is Genesis History? We will discuss the doctrine of revelation: why the church has for centuries understood Genesis as a real history, when the church began to question this understanding, why there is currently a push to say Genesis is not history, how one’s understanding of Genesis affects one’s understanding of marriage. All of this will be in the context of what God has revealed to us in Scripture, in the creation we see, and the limitations of what we can know from science.

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