The Story of Creation

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This is a course that can be used for Sunday School class dealing with the topic of creation.
For a brief overview, you might want to read the Introduction.

It makes use of a video series called Answers with Ken Ham.

This course was created by:

Thanks to them for making it available!

Download the Course

Below are files to be downloaded for the creation course.

To download them, right-click on the links in the Item column below, and save the file.

Then you can unzip the file you downloaded restoring the original files.

Intro files, including notebook cover, are in

Notebook Assembly

The list in the right column is for anyone wishing to compile a printed version of the course material in the correct order for a notebook.

The files are listed in the order of the pages in the printed notebook .

All files for each lesson are in the coresponding zip file.

All other files preface, etc. - are in the file.

Item File(s) (in order)
Introductory Material

Notebook Cover.pdf

Notebook Spine.pdf

Notebook Cover.pdf


About the Authors.doc


Media Requirements.doc

creation and change.pdf

table of contents logo.doc

table of contents.doc

Lesson 1

Creation week 1.pdf

Lesson 1 Cover.doc

Readings wk 1.doc

Handout lesson 1.pdf

lesson 1.ppt

Lesson 2

Creation week 2.pdf

Readings wk 2.doc

handout week 2.pdf

two religions pilot article.doc

lesson 2.ppt

Lesson 3

Creation week 3.pdf

readings wk 3.doc

handout lesson 3.pdf

lesson 3.ppt

Lesson 4

Creation week 4.pdf

readings wk 4.doc

handout 4 new creation.pdf

evil and a perfect creation.doc

lesson 4.ppt

Lesson 5

Creation week 5.pdf

readings wk 5.doc

handout 5 powerful hand.doc

creation vs. evolution.doc

lesson 5.ppt

Lesson 6

Creation week 6.pdf

readings wk 6.doc

handout 6.pdf

lesson 6.ppt

Lesson 7

Creation week 7.pdf

readings wk 7.doc

handout 7 to thy trust.pdf

young earth vs old.doc

evidence for young earth.doc

lesson 7.ppt

Lesson 8

Creation week 8.pdf

lesson 8.ppt

Lesson 9

Creation week 9.pdf

readings wk 9.doc

handout 9-ocean.pdf

geo evidence for young earth.doc

lesson 9.ppt

Lesson 10

Creation week 10.pdf

readings wk 10.doc

handout 10.pdf

lesson 10.ppt

Lesson 11

Creation week 11.pdf

readings wk 11.doc

handout 11.pdf

lesson 11.ppt

Lesson 12