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God’s Wisdom in the Genome David Plaisted PhD
OOPARTS - Out of Place Artifacts Joe Spears MS
Catastrophic Geologic Evidences in Ecuador - Part 1: Fossil Formations Javier Valdivieso MS
How Does Prophesy Support Creation? Phil Johnson MCE
Bits and Pieces from the Earth Sciences Everett Coates BS
Scientists Test Hydrothermal Fluid Transport Model for Polonium Radiohalo Formation Jeff Gift PhD
Freedom of Speech and Religion? Not in Academia Dan Reynolds PhD
Issues in Cosmology David Plaisted PhD
Noah and Family: Myth, Legends, Ancient History and the Bible Joe Spears MS
Dinosaurs: What is the Real Story? Mark Stephens MCS
More Flood Evidences Come to Light David Plaisted PhD
What is Faith? Phil Johnson MCE
Accurate Predictions Based on the Young Earth Creation Model Dan Reynolds PhD
Evidences and Events of the Flood David Plaisted PhD
The Biblical Creation Account from a Young Earth Perspective Dan Reynolds PhD
Noah's Ark. Really? she asked. Yes, Really, I replied. Mark Stephens MCS
History of the Great War Phil Johnson MCE
Is There Evidence for the Flood in the Soil? Everett Coates BS
Global Warming - Seeking a Godly Perspective Jeff Gift PhD
A Response to Selected Arguments in Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion Dan Reynolds PhD
Recent Discoveries in Genetics David Plaisted PhD
Archaeology Supports Exodus Narrative Joe Spears MS
Man or Ape: Which are You? Which do You Choose? Mark Stephens MCS
A Biblical and Scientific Analysis of the Big Bang Matt Promise BS
TASC in 2006 Dan Reynolds PhD
Puzzles of the Genome David Plaisted PhD
Does the Molecular Evidence Prove Common Ancestry is a "Fact?" Dan Reynolds PhD
Evolution - Impossible to Embarass its Believers Henry Morris PhD
The Mysterious Origins of Ancient Civilizations Joe Spears MS
He Made the Stars Also Phil Johnson MCE