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Archaeopteryx (unlike Archaeoraptor) is NOT a hoax—it is a true bird, not a “missing link” Jonathan Sarfati PhD
The Data of Cosmology Say the Universe Had a Beginning and Is Finely Tuned for Life Dan Reynolds PhD
Comets - Their Silent Testimony Joe Spears MS
What Was Archaeopteryx? Walter Brown PhD
The Christ of Creation Gerald Van Dyke PhD
Radiocarbon Dating of Dinosaur Fossils Joe Spears MS
Review of Stephen Meyer's New Book Darwin's Doubt Dan Reynolds PhD
Was Dawkins Right about God? Brian L. Cunningham
In the Beginning - Shang Di? Jeff Gift PhD
Fossils and Genetics: a Deadly Duo for Transitional Species and for Darwin's Theory Everett Coates BS
The Origin of Information in Biology Dan Reynolds PhD
God vs Design in "The Grand Design" Henry W. Middleton PhD
What Scientists REALLY Say about God, Creation and Evolution Joe Spears MS
Miraculous Failed Invasion of Sennacherib Joe Spears MS
The Bible and the "Problem" of Time Paul J. Waddel
Sharing Our Creation / Creation Science Message Mark Stephens MCS
Creation: A Matter of Perspective Jeff Gift PhD
Anti-Supernaturalism and Scientific Investigation in Richard Dawkins' The Magic of Reality Henry W. Middleton PhD
Geological Unconformities: What Are They and How Much Time Do They Represent? Everett Coates BS
A Review of Lawrence Krauss's Book, A Universe from Nothing Dan Reynolds PhD
TASC Activities 2012 TASC
Intelligent Design is Peer-Reviewed, but is Peer-Review a Requirement of Good Science? Casey Luskin MS
Was There Death Before Sin? Phil Johnson MCE
Mammoth Mystery Joe Spears MS
Radioactive Decay Rates May Change David Plaisted PhD
Evolution - a Proven Fact? Joe Spears MS
The Grand Design and Free Will Henry W. Middleton PhD
Implication of Finding Noah's Ark Javier Valdivieso MS
Can the Age of the Earth be Calculated? Phil Johnson MCE
Creation Account of Genesis: Does it Matter What Our Children Think About It? Mark Stephens MCS