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With Respect to the Origins Debate, Dr. Schweitzer is Right, We All Need to Put God First Jeff Gift PhD August, 2016
Who Were the Neanderthals? Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2009
Who is This Creator? Phil Johnson MCE September, 2009
Where do viruses come from? Jeff Gift PhD November, 2004
What Was Archaeopteryx? Walter Brown PhD January, 2014
What Scientists REALLY Say about God, Creation and Evolution Joe Spears MS February, 2013
What is Faith? Phil Johnson MCE February, 2008
What is Apologetics? Henry W. Middleton PhD September, 2010
What History and the Bible Tell Us About Our Early Ancestors Joe Spears MS December, 2004
What Happened at Babel? Phil Johnson MCE February, 2020
Was There Death Before Sin? Phil Johnson MCE February, 2012
Was Dawkins Right about God? Brian L. Cunningham September, 2013
The Value of Reading Theology and Church History Henry W. Middleton PhD November, 2017
The Universe: Accident or Design Joe Spears MS May, 2005
The Theological Impact of the Doctrine of Creation Henry W. Middleton PhD August, 2014
The Shroud of Turin Joe Spears MS April, 2004
The Role of Presuppositions and Worldviews in the Creation-Evolution Debate Dave Greear BSEE, D Min April, 2017
The Remarkable Story of Roger DeHart: A New Documentary about the "Icons of Evolution" Charles Colson March, 2004
The Origin of Information in Biology Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2013
The Origin of Birds - Recent Evidence Complicates Evolutionary Theories Jeff Gift PhD April, 2006
The Myth of Science vs. Creation Joe Spears MS August, 2001
The Mystery of 90 East Ridge Joe Spears MS September, 2019
The Mysterious Origins of Ancient Civilizations Joe Spears MS August, 2006
The Image of God Henry W. Middleton PhD July, 2015
The Ice Age, Climate Change, and Creation Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2016
The Hydroplate Theory and The Great Flood Walter Brown PhD November, 2010
The Grand Design and Free Will Henry W. Middleton PhD October, 2011
The Genographic Project: What is it? What does it Mean? Mark Stephens MCS June, 2005
The Foundation of Logic in the Nature of God Henry W. Middleton PhD March, 2010
The Flood Joe Spears MS June, 2003