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Missing Fossils and Fake Fossils David Plaisted PhD December, 2009
More Flood Evidences Come to Light David Plaisted PhD February, 2008
My Christian Journey and Years at North Carolina State University as a Young Earth Creationist Gerald Van Dyke PhD December, 2015
Noah and Family: Myth, Legends, Ancient History and the Bible Joe Spears MS April, 2008
Noah's Ark. Really? she asked. Yes, Really, I replied. Mark Stephens MCS October, 2007
On the Origin of Humans Dan Reynolds PhD April, 2015
OOPARTS - Out of Place Artifacts Joe Spears MS November, 2008
Parícutin A Mountain in a Year Jonathan O’Brien May, 2015
Pluto and New Horizons in review Terry A. Hurlbut MD December, 2016
Polonium Radiohalos: Competing Interpretations of the Data Among Creationists Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2006
Puzzles of the Genome David Plaisted PhD December, 2006
Race and Racism: Understanding and Coping Mark Stephens MCS November, 2015
Racism: Human "Races" or "One Blood"? Mark Stephens MCS April, 2004
Radical Differences Between Human and Chimp Y Chromosomes Open a Bounty of Research Rabbit Holes for Scientists to Plunder Jeff Gift PhD July, 2010
Radioactive Decay Rates May Change David Plaisted PhD December, 2011
Radiocarbon Dating of Dinosaur Fossils Joe Spears MS November, 2013
Rapid Geological Processes (Part 1) Dan Reynolds PhD April, 2003
Rare Earth Joe Spears MS March, 2004
RATE Group Finds Strong Evidence for A Young Earth and Accelerated Nuclear Decay! Dan Reynolds PhD September, 2001
Recent Discoveries in Genetics David Plaisted PhD May, 2007
Recent Science and Spiritual Empiricism Point to God Dan Reynolds PhD July, 2017
Red Shift Riddles David Plaisted PhD January, 2011
Refuting Compromise Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2004
Report from the Intelligent Design Conference Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2004
Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book II—Introduction, Availability, and Overview Mark Stephens MCS December, 2019
Restoring the Truth About Origins: Book I—Introduction, Availability and Overview Mark Stephens MCS March, 2019
Review of Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2018
Review of Jonathan Wells’s New Book Zombie Science (Part 1) Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2019
Review of Jonathan Wells’s NewBook Zombie Science (Part 2) Dan Reynolds PhD June, 2019
Review of Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species by Nathaniel T. Jeanson Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2018