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God’s Wisdom in the Genome David Plaisted PhD December, 2008
Great Information Found in Inspiration from Creation Mel Blinson June, 2020
Guinea Pigs & Humans - We Have A Lot More In Common Than Evolutionists Would Think Jeff Gift PhD July, 2005
Has Science Found How Life Began and Species Evolved? An Examination of the "RNA World" Hypothesis and Rapidly Changing Lizards Dan Reynolds PhD June, 2009
He Made the Stars Also Phil Johnson MCE July, 2006
History of the Great War Phil Johnson MCE September, 2007
How Did This Happen? Phil Johnson MCE February, 2011
How Does Prophesy Support Creation? Phil Johnson MCE September, 2008
How Old Is Humanity? David Plaisted PhD June, 2006
Hummingbirds Get "Older" and a Little Wider Jeff Gift PhD June, 2004
Hurricane Isabel – Offspring of a Loving God? Jeff Gift PhD October, 2003
Hydroplate Theory - Problems for Trench Formation in the Pacific Basin Bruce Armstrong September, 2020
Implication of Finding Noah's Ark Javier Valdivieso MS October, 2011
In Memory of Isaac Manley Gerald Van Dyke PhD September, 2009
In the Beginning - Shang Di? Jeff Gift PhD August, 2013
Intelligent Design Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2006
Intelligent Design is Peer-Reviewed, but is Peer-Review a Requirement of Good Science? Casey Luskin MS March, 2012
Is Anthropogenic Climate Change Destroying the World? Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2020
Is There Evidence for the Flood in the Soil? Everett Coates BS August, 2007
Issues in Cosmology David Plaisted PhD May, 2008
It’s Not Just About Genesis Everett Coates BS July, 2016
Jesus and Genesis Fred L. Johnson PhD January, 2005
Josephus and other Ancient Scholars on the Biblical Flood David Plaisted PhD May, 2009
Language: A Sign of Divine Design Billy Haselton July, 2018
Limitations of Science David Plaisted PhD December, 2010
Mammoth Mystery Joe Spears MS January, 2012
Man or Ape: Which are You? Which do You Choose? Mark Stephens MCS March, 2007
Materialism and Abiogenesis Joe Spears MS March, 2016
Methuselah - Over 4600 Years Old and Still Having Babies Jeff Gift PhD August, 2003
Miraculous Failed Invasion of Sennacherib Joe Spears MS January, 2013