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Can Radiometric Dating Be Inaccurate? Joe Spears MS March, 2011
Can the Age of the Earth be Calculated? Phil Johnson MCE September, 2011
Can We Prove the Bible? Joe Spears MS July, 2004
Carbon 14 Dating of Fossils David Plaisted PhD June, 2017
Carbon-14 in Dinosaur Bones Challenges Evolution Theory and Supports Genesis Flood Account Jeff Gift PhD August, 2015
Catastrophic Geologic Evidences in Ecuador - Part 1: Fossil Formations Javier Valdivieso MS October, 2008
Catastrophic Geologic Evidences in Ecuador, Part 3: Tungurahua's Basaltic Columns Javier Valdivieso MS October, 2010
Catastrophic Geologic Evidences in Ecuador: Part 2: Puyango Petrified Forest Javier Valdivieso MS August, 2009
Cavemen—Missing Link? Joe Spears MS February, 2003
Censored Biology Phil Johnson MCE March, 2017
Comets - Their Silent Testimony Joe Spears MS March, 2014
Consciousness: Marvel of the Mind Joe Spears MS April, 2002
Could the Ice Age have been caused by the Genesis Flood (Part 1) Mark Stephens MCS August, 2004
Could the Ice Age have been caused by the Genesis Flood? (Part 2) Mark Stephens MCS September, 2004
Creation Account of Genesis: Does it Matter What Our Children Think About It? Mark Stephens MCS August, 2011
Creation and Resurrection Henry Morris PhD April, 2010
Creation and the Problem of Evil Dave Greear BSEE, D Min April, 2019
Creation Hermeneutics: The Role of Science Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2017
Creation Ministries Creation 2015 International Superconference Dan Reynolds PhD October, 2015
Creation News Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2018
Creation News Dan Reynolds PhD January, 2019
Creation Resources and Evidences Dan Reynolds PhD April, 2005
Creation Versus Evolution: TASC Question and Answer Panel Mark Stephens MCS September, 2016
Creation, The Law, Faith and Grace from the Book of Romans Phil Johnson MCE February, 2019
Creation: A Matter of Perspective Jeff Gift PhD August, 2012
Current Science and Creation Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2017
Designed Interactions between Fungi, Plants, and Animals Gerald Van Dyke PhD July, 2011
Did dinosaurs evolve from birds? Joe Spears MS September, 2003
Dinosaur Bones - a Whole Lot of Twistin' Goin' On Jeff Gift PhD July, 2009
Dinosaurs: What is the Real Story? Mark Stephens MCS March, 2008