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Review of Jonathan Wells’s New Book Zombie Science (Part 1) Dan Reynolds PhD
Review of Jonathan Wells’s NewBook Zombie Science (Part 2) Dan Reynolds PhD
Review of Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species by Nathaniel T. Jeanson Dan Reynolds PhD
Review of Stephen Meyer's New Book Darwin's Doubt Dan Reynolds PhD
Review of the Book Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer Dan Reynolds PhD
Review of The Stairway to Life: An Origin of Life Reality Check TASC
Revolutions Dan Reynolds PhD
Scientific Evidence That Points to a Creator Dan Reynolds PhD
Scientists Test Hydrothermal Fluid Transport Model for Polonium Radiohalo Formation Jeff Gift PhD
Sharing Our Creation / Creation Science Message Mark Stephens MCS
Sharing With You Our Focus For 2005 Mark Stephens MCS
Some Foundations of Creation Beliefs Mark Stephens MCS
Speciation: Any Examples Documented? Joe Spears MS
Starlight and Time: Scripture and Science Support a Young Earth Cosmology Dan Reynolds PhD
TASC Activities 2012 TASC
TASC in 2006 Dan Reynolds PhD
TASC to Present Comprehensive Creation Series at North Carolina State University This Winter and Spring Dan Reynolds PhD
The Amazing Ear: Evidence for Design Elizabeth McVeigh MD
The Ancient Jewish Wedding: A Missing Link in Christianity Javier Valdivieso MS
The Bible and the "Problem" of Time Paul J. Waddel
The Biblical Creation Account Dan Reynolds PhD
The Biblical Creation Account from a Young Earth Perspective Dan Reynolds PhD
The Big Stretch - Part 1 Joe Spears MS
The Big Stretch - Part 2 - Objections Joe Spears MS
The Big Stretch - Part 3 - Biblical Evidence Joe Spears MS
The Big Stretch - Part 4 - Scientific Evidence Joe Spears MS
The Chimp to Human Evolution Model One Year Later Jeff Gift PhD
The Christ of Creation Gerald Van Dyke PhD
The Data of Cosmology Say the Universe Had a Beginning and Is Finely Tuned for Life Dan Reynolds PhD
The Ear: Evolved or Designed? - Part 1 Elizabeth McVeigh MD