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My Christian Journey and Years at North Carolina State University as a Young Earth Creationist Gerald Van Dyke PhD
The Ice Age, Climate Change, and Creation Dan Reynolds PhD
Fossils Joe Spears MS
Materialism and Abiogenesis Joe Spears MS
Scientific Evidence That Points to a Creator Dan Reynolds PhD
The Big Stretch - Part 1 Joe Spears MS
It’s Not Just About Genesis Everett Coates BS
With Respect to the Origins Debate, Dr. Schweitzer is Right, We All Need to Put God First Jeff Gift PhD
Creation Versus Evolution: TASC Question and Answer Panel Mark Stephens MCS
Calling All Creationists in the Triangle: TASC’s Mission and Future Dan Reynolds PhD
The Amazing Ear: Evidence for Design Elizabeth McVeigh MD
Pluto and New Horizons in review Terry A Hurlbut MD
Can Nature Perform the Same Miracle MultipleTimes? Problems with Convergent Evolution Dan Reynolds PhD
The Big Stretch - Part 2 - Objections Joe Spears MS
Censored Biology Phil Johnson MCE
The Role of Presuppositions and Worldviews in the Creation-Evolution Debate Dave Greear BSEE, D Min
Current Science and Creation Dan Reynolds PhD
Carbon 14 Dating of Fossils David Plaisted PhD
Recent Science and Spiritual Empiricism Point to God Dan Reynolds PhD
The Big Stretch - Part 3 - Biblical Evidence Joe Spears MS
The Big Stretch - Part 4 - Scientific Evidence Joe Spears MS
Creation Hermeneutics: The Role of Science Dan Reynolds PhD
The Value of Reading Theology and Church History Henry W. Middleton PhD
The Ear: Evolved or Designed? - Part 1 Elizabeth McVeigh MD
Review of Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species by Nathaniel T. Jeanson Dan Reynolds PhD
Birds-Eye View of Creation Science Joe Spears MS
Genesis 2: Day 7 And A Closer Look At Day 6 Dan Reynolds PhD
Evolution’s False Start: The Spontaneous Generation of Life Dave Greear BSEE, D Min
Creation News Dan Reynolds PhD
God of Creation - God of Miracles Everett Coates BS