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The Foundation of Logic in the Nature of God Henry W. Middleton PhD March, 2010
Creation and Resurrection Henry Morris PhD April, 2010
Abortion: Creation View of the Value of Life Matt Promise BS May, 2010
A Review of "The End of Christianity" by William A. Dembski Dan Reynolds PhD June, 2010
Radical Differences Between Human and Chimp Y Chromosomes Open a Bounty of Research Rabbit Holes for Scientists to Plunder Jeff Gift PhD July, 2010
Some Foundations of Creation Beliefs Mark Stephens MCS August, 2010
What is Apologetics? Henry W. Middleton PhD September, 2010
Catastrophic Geologic Evidences in Ecuador, Part 3: Tungurahua's Basaltic Columns Javier Valdivieso MS October, 2010
The Hydroplate Theory and The Great Flood Walter Brown PhD November, 2010
Limitations of Science David Plaisted PhD December, 2010
Red Shift Riddles David Plaisted PhD January, 2011
How Did This Happen? Phil Johnson MCE February, 2011
How Accurate Is Radiometric Dating? Joe Spears MS March, 2011
"Sola Scriptura": Our Standard for Theology Henry W. Middleton PhD April, 2011
A Review and Response to the Book "The Grand Design" by Stephen Hawking Dan Reynolds PhD May, 2011
The Chimp to Human Evolution Model One Year Later Jeff Gift PhD June, 2011
Designed Interactions between Fungi, Plants, and Animals Gerald Van Dyke PhD July, 2011
Creation Account of Genesis: Does it Matter What Our Children Think About It? Mark Stephens MCS August, 2011
Can the Age of the Earth be Calculated? Phil Johnson MCE September, 2011
The Grand Design and Free Will Henry W. Middleton PhD October, 2011
Implication of Finding Noah's Ark Javier Valdivieso MS October, 2011
Evolution - a Proven Fact? Joe Spears MS November, 2011
Radioactive Decay Rates May Change David Plaisted PhD December, 2011
Mammoth Mystery Joe Spears MS January, 2012
Was There Death Before Sin? Phil Johnson MCE February, 2012
Intelligent Design is Peer-Reviewed, but is Peer-Review a Requirement of Good Science? Casey Luskin MS March, 2012
TASC Activities 2012 TASC April, 2012
Geological Unconformities: What Are They and How Much Time Do They Represent? Everett Coates BS June, 2012
Anti-Supernaturalism and Scientific Investigation in Richard Dawkins' The Magic of Reality Henry W. Middleton PhD July, 2012