Is Genesis History? ... is Back

Back In Theaters February 22!  We're excited to announce Is Genesis History? will be returning to theaters for a one-night Anniversary Event on Thursday, February 22. If you missed it last year, now's your chance to catch it on the big screen. It's also a great opportunity to bring some friends and start a discussion about the importance of Genesis to our culture today.

To provide additional insight, we filmed a new segment with Dr. Del Tackett touring the Ark Encounter with three college students. Our hope is this new footage will give some perspective on how to approach these issues with the millennial generation. 

Bring Some Friends or Bring a Group

We've heard the film is a great conversation starter for groups of all ages. If you're part of a youth group or Sunday School, seeing the film together then talking about it is a good way to broach topics that aren't often brought up — but which a lot of people are wondering about. As one of the students we interviewed said:

"These questions are being asked by everyone. It's not just a personal thing. It's something I think society struggles with." 

Watch our New Teaser Trailer & Share it with your Friends