Creation Presentations Available

Written by TASC

Jan 17, 2005 at 08:50 PM

The following are presentations that TASC is able to present to your church, club, or school group. Just contact us for scheduling by e-mail at speakers [at]

  1. Evidences for Creation in Contrast to Evolution
  2. Origin of Life
  3. Evidences for the Worldwide Flood
  4. Evidences for Creation and Intelligent Design
  5. Icons of Evolution
  6. Not by Chance
  7. Creation and Information
  8. Creation and Astronomy
  9. Rapid Geologic Processes and Radiometric Dating
  10. Strengthening our Faith in God, Our Creator
  11. Evidences for a Young Earth
  12. Evidences for a Young Earth - longer version
  13. The Biblical Flood
  14. Biochemistry and the Complexity of Life

The following are presentations that TASC is able to present to your church, club, or school group. Just contact us for scheduling.

1. Evidences for Creation in Contrast to Evolution - C. Gerald Van Dyke, PhD 
- A slide presentation of the major areas of evidences for Creation, including fossils, geology, natural laws, The Flood, and more, comparing and contrasting the scientific evidences for Creation vs. evolution: an entertaining and informative presentation.

2. Origin of Life - C. Gerald Van Dyke, PhD
- The real facts about the origin of life experiments. What are the possibilities that life originated from non-life? What are the Creation implications of life forming from God speaking as the Bible says? How can DNA be formed without proteins, and how can proteins be formed without DNA? Time to bring your questions for an entertaining and informative presentation.

3. Evidences for the Worldwide Flood - C. Gerald Van Dyke, PhD

4. Evidences for Creation and Intelligent Design - Dan Reynolds, PhD
- A discussion of the theology and science of creation. Topics include the duration of Creation Week in Genesis 1, abiogenesis, information in the biological world, micro- and macro-evolution, rapid geologic processes, radiometric dating, evidences for a recent creation, and a creationist cosmology.

5. Icons of Evolution - Dan Reynolds, PhD
- Based on the book Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth by Jonathan Wells, Ph.D. Dr. Wells (who holds a Ph.D. from UC at Berkeley in molecular and cell biology) clearly explains how many of the "proofs" (icons) of evolution being taught in current secondary school and college biology textbooks have been disproved, are fraudulent, or are speculative at best. More disturbing is that many leading evolutionary scientists are fully aware of this but have done little to correct the situation. Indeed, some feel that introducing such "controversial" revelations into the classroom, though true, would only "confuse" students. The "icons" include the Miller-Urey experiment on the origin of life, Darwin's tree of life, homology of vertebrate limbs, Haeckel's embryos, Archaeopteryx, peppered moths, Darwin's finches, horse evolution, and human evolution.

6. Not by Chance - Dan Reynolds, PhD
- This talk is based on the book Not By Chance! Shattering the Modern Theory of Evolution by Lee Spetner. Dr. Spetner persuasively shows through sound theoretical calculations, population genetics, biochemistry, and information theory that the proposed Neo Darwinian evolutionary mechanism for macroevolution of random mutations acted upon by natural selection does not work. He cites many documented examples of where changes in the phenotype are a function of gene activation/expression and are not associated with a change in the genome. He concludes that much of the alleged fossil evidence for evolution may merely reflect an organism's genetically built-in ability to respond to environmental factors by selective gene activation/repression and not by generation of new genetic information.

7. Creation and Information - Dan Reynolds, PhD
- The biological world is full of information at the molecular level, but how did it get there? Are the laws of chance, chemistry, and physics plus time adequate to generate the complex information found in the genetic code?  Scientists have now developed a means to empirically detect the signature of intelligent design in biochemistry. When this "explanatory filter" is used to analyze DNA and proteins, design is detected and natural processes are ruled out! We will discuss information theory, complex specified information, and irreducible complexity as applied to the chemistry of life.  This talk is based primarily upon the writings of William Dembski, Michael Behe, and Lee Spetner.

8. Creation and Astronomy - Dan Reynolds, PhD
- There are many evidences for design and a recent creation in astronomy and physics. We will discuss these evidences as well as a "white hole" cosmology based on Genesis and relativity theory which explains how we can see stars billions of light years away from a young earth.

9. Rapid Geologic Processes and Radiometric Dating - Dan Reynolds, PhD
- Geologists have discovered that many of the processes once thought to require millions of years can be accomplished in much shorter time spans. Examples of rapid geological processes include formation of Precambrian granites ("basement" rocks of the continents), deposition of sedimentary layers, formation of successive sedimentary strata, canyon formation, coal formation, decay of planetary magnetic fields, formation of petrified forests, stalagmite and stalactite formation, and rapid tectonic plate migration. Perhaps most important, there is now solid evidence for rapid radioactive decay in the past. Come learn why believing in a young earth is sound theologically and scientifically.

10. Strengthening Our Faith in God, Our Creator - Mark Stephens, MCS
- This presentation differentiates the beliefs on origins including divine creation, naturalistic evolution, and theistic evolution. Evidences that support God as our Creator are examined from the Bible, biology, chemistry, and astronomy. The attendee is challenged to build a knowledge of creation science to strengthen one's own faith, to avoid being deceived, and to be a more effective witness for God and Christ in this more "sophisticated, scientific" world.

11. Evidences for a Young Earth - David Plaisted, PhD
- Evidences for a young earth and young life based on radioactive decay processes.

12. Evidences for a Young Earth - longer version - David Plaisted, PhD
- A longer version of the above, with other topics added such as the flood, the fossil record, macro versus micro evolution, antibiotic resistance in bacteria, fine tuning of the universe for life, Chinese characters, dragon legends, and evidences that humans and dinosaurs existed together.

13. The Biblical Flood - David Plaisted, PhD
- A presentation about the Biblical flood, with some controversial material included such as evidences for ancient technology and evidences for giants in the past.

14. Biochemistry and the Complexity of Life - David Plaisted, PhD
- A pictorial presentation of biochemistry and the complexity of life, followed by a meditation on Psalm 104 with Bible verses, pictures, and music.